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2 Samuel | Absalom’s Death & David’s Disgrace To His Servants

Yep, today is the day. We will end Absalom’s journey. It’s been quite a roller coaster with him. Last time, he entered Jerusalem and David had spies hiding in a well to report back.

Today’s Reading – 2 Samuel Ch. 18 & Ch. 19:01-08

20,000 Killed

David numbered the people with him. Captains over thousands and captains over hundreds. He split the people up into thirds having specific men lead the groups. Unlike when he committed his sin, because he stayed home, he tells the people he will also go with them. The people, however, tell him not to because he is worth ten thousand of the men prepared to die for him.

He listens to his people telling them he will do what they desire. He stays at the gate. He tells the three commanders to deal gently with Absalom for his sake.

The battle was swift and 20,000 died. The battle was scattered throughout the countryside, taking place in the woods of Ephraim.

Absalom met the servants of David, he was riding a mule. Now, while riding, the mule went under a tree, and Absalom’s head got caught. The mule continued walking from beneath him.

Absalom Speared & Struck Dead

A man sees this and tells Joab. Joab gets upset that the man did not strike Absalom down. But the man states even if he was given a thousand shekels of silver, he wouldn’t do it, because Absalom was the king’s son, and David specifically requested to be gentle (not kill him). (Ch. 8 v.12)

Joab immediately leaves the man and takes three spears thrusting them through the heart of Absalom (who prior to this, at the time, was still alive hanging in a tree). Ten young men also surround Absalom and strike him dead.

The trumpet is blown, people return. Absalom’s body is then casted into a large pit and large heavy stones are placed over him. All of Israel, who had been pursuing David’s men, fled.

Scripture shares that Absalom in his liftetime had set up a pillar for himself as he had no son and felt no one would remember his name. It says (Ch. 18 v.18) this pillar to this day is called Absalom’s Monument.

David Learns Of Death

David learns of Absalom’s death from two messengers. One was advised not to reveal Absalom’s death immediately, but another messenger, a Cushite, ran and revealed the death. David mourns greatly, even saying if it had only been him instead of his son.

Because of what happened that day went from a day of a victory to one of mourning.

David covered his face mourning his son, and Joab tells him that he is disgracing his servants who fought to protect him and saved his family. He tells David that David makes it look like all of his people could have been killed and, as long as his son was alive, it would have fine for him. He tells David to go out and talk to the people because otherwise David’s servants would not stay and leave him in the night which would be worse than the all the evil David had done in his youth. (Ch.19 v.7) 

David sits at the gate and everyone comes to him. (Ch. 19 v.8)

What To Take Away: Sometimes we lose focus on everyone around us because we are fixated on our own problems and hurts. It is not that we can’t struggle, but we need to be aware about those around us. Their struggles, their pain, their victories, too. Especially when people are doing things for us, it’s important we are aware and do not make them feel uncared for or unloved.

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Monthly Scripture –(NKJ) Proverbs 18:13, “He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him.”

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6 thoughts on “2 Samuel | Absalom’s Death & David’s Disgrace To His Servants

  1. Well, even though David was a warrior and killed many in battles, he had a reverent, godly, soft spot in him as well. He could have killed King Saul when he had the chance, he mourned over his sons no matter what evil they did, I just realized he did not willingly give up any of his sons to die; do you think he would have willingly given up his ancestor Jesus Christ to die if it had been his choice? I’m so glad it was God’s plan and Jesus was obedient to Father even as far as death on the cross was concerned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen, death isn’t easy. I was surprised at Joab’s response to David. Although, I see why he wanted the news to be delayed because he knew David’s reaction. You’re right, it does say spmethijg about his heart.


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