Community Spotlight | March ’19 Highlights

We officially reached spring! The months fly by! I wanted April to have my posts focused on the message of the Savior shown leading up to Easter, which is why Community Spotlight and Quotes both got pulled back. 🙂 Thanks for your patience! Reminder, this is NEVER to make anyone feel like they need to … Continue reading Community Spotlight | March ’19 Highlights

One Stone, Many Ripples | Poem

(Here the musical version sung by Hayley Boden here.) I am only one stone but I have caused many ripples. Some I never see. Some I've seen in triple.   I may not be the ripple, which journeys far. Yet, because I moved forward, another can reach the stars.   I used to feel jealous, … Continue reading One Stone, Many Ripples | Poem

Gospel Journey | Satan Claimed He Had “Authority”

Satan said a lot of stuff to Christ to try to tempt Him. Last time, we started to cover the beginning of Christ's temptation and today we are going to finish it. There are some really interesting differences between Matthew and Luke especially. Let's dive in! Today's Reading: Matthew, 4:07-11 Mark 1:13, and Luke 4:05-13  … Continue reading Gospel Journey | Satan Claimed He Had “Authority”

Quotes From You | March ’19

A month that blossoms with the hope of spring. Thank you for being patient! This post would have been sooner, but the week usually for community posts I used preparing for Resurrection Day. 🙂 These are the quotes that spoke to me in the month of March  "What I am saying is that the bigger … Continue reading Quotes From You | March ’19

I Gave God What I Enjoyed & He Gave Me Something Better

Giving up anything that we enjoy is hard to do, but when it goes against God, we don't really have much choice. Well...we do...if we want it to be about ourselves. There is a lot in my life that I do for me, not God, no matter the excuse. How I am entertained is often … Continue reading I Gave God What I Enjoyed & He Gave Me Something Better

3 Days Of Darkness Fact Or Fiction

Depending on who you listen to or your own knowledge of the End of Times topics the Three Days of Darkness has been very prevalent, especially regarding this year. It has been a topic very HEAVY in the YouTube Christian community. Truthfully, this was not going to be covered (exactly) in my End of Times … Continue reading 3 Days Of Darkness Fact Or Fiction

Plans For This Week & Goals For This Blog (Your Feedback)

I have had a topic on my heart especially since last week. I see a need for it because people have been looking up the topic and get led to a particular post on my blog (which is now one of my highest viewed posts for the year). That post didn't really go into detail … Continue reading Plans For This Week & Goals For This Blog (Your Feedback)

Resurrection Day (Recap This Week)

Happy Resurrection Day! Going to keep this short, if you missed any of my posts to help prepare for Resurrection (Easter) Day check out: How To Focus On The True Meaning Of Easter This Season We’re Desensitized To Bible Stories & It Needs To Stop! Was Christ Always “Perfect” I Can’t Be A “Perfect” Christian … Continue reading Resurrection Day (Recap This Week)

Did Christ Bear God’s Wrath On The Cross? (Was He Forsaken?)

Being presented with the question of whether or not Christ experienced God's wrath made me think and feel a few things. I was trying very hard to find scriptures that specifically talked about God's wrath, being forsaken, etc. My findings were...not what I expected.   There are a few things we need to be familiar with. (NIV) … Continue reading Did Christ Bear God’s Wrath On The Cross? (Was He Forsaken?)

I Can’t Be A “Perfect” Christian

"I am the LORD your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy." Leviticus 11:44 (NIV)  One of the most intimidating messages of being a Christian is that we are to be holy. We are to be blameless. And up until Jesus Christ, not one human was worthy enough to be called "perfect." … Continue reading I Can’t Be A “Perfect” Christian