My Confirmation Became My Conviction

(Edited 12/10/2020)

I needed to know I was right in situations. I needed to know people were wrong about what they did and what they said. But once I knew the truth and was freed, I then grew too confident that I didn’t have struggles of my own I needed to work on.

Sometimes in life, we will be in situations with others. People say things towards us or do things, they believe they have the right to. We get rebuked, lectured or criticized. We then go to God in prayer for clarification, and (sometimes) the same person who felt so right shares they were convicted and wrong.

I’ve been in these situations multiple times.

In particular, I’ve been rebuked and lectured often in my life for things God revealed I was RIGHT in. The confirmation has helped me because often in the past I was so confused why people misunderstood me. I now realize the truth of scripture when brought up is often difficult to hear. Second, whenever I say something that is challenging to another believer, it makes sense someone might have an issue with that.

But before I go and slap myself a big CONGRATS on the back…

God showed me what it meant to step back. To hold my tongue (book of James). To remain silent and go to Him. So many times He has helped me understand whatever I’m dealing with in the Bible, or godly men/women have been able to clarify scripture on the topic. However, it was only after I sought Him first. I sought Him before I spoke and I sought Him afterward.

It helps very much when a confirmation is given that shows my actions or words were correct, and more importantly, how God used it to help someone else for His glory.

However…I regret to say sometimes the blessing of confirmation, not through any fault of the Lord, becomes…an ego trip.

I’m right.

I’m right.

I’m right.

I have to admit that. I’ve been trampled on (throughout the years) so much through others’ opinions and sudden desire to “lecture” or “rebuke” me that when I finally get the confirmation, “I was right, for once. They understand and see what I am saying.” It becomes an anchor for me to “always” trust certain “feelings” that I am, therefore, “allowed” to say certain things. That because in certain situations it was godly to say things, this then allows me to think I can say these things in all other situations without checking my mind, heart, soul, and strength. Am I doing this for God or for me?

It’s not even about trying to “speak up” for myself. Which sometimes becomes my excuse. “I need to say something.” No, it needs to be, “I need to say something IF God’s word shows me it is Biblical and I need to be praying over the situation before I make any decisions.”

Unfortunately,  I blurt out thoughts, opinions, and perspectives before taking them to the Lord, or even give Him a second thought of, “Help me understand Your truth and speak Your truth properly.”

I catch myself saying things…after the words have left my tongue.

I didn’t slow down and meditate on His word.

I didn’t take time to pray over what I would say, or for the person/situation.

I merely walked ahead without looking both ways.

We need to be willing to listen to what He is teaching us in His word before we get hit in the middle of the street.

Simply because we thought we knew better.

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Can you relate?

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) 2 Corinthians 4:02, “Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.”

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28 thoughts on “My Confirmation Became My Conviction

  1. Very insightful! I’ve had moments where I felt as though the Holy spirit has literally covered my mouth from saying certain things 🤦‍♀️ I’m learning that opinions are mostly driven from our emotions. They’re not imperatives (they should not rule us to always quickly respond) rather they’re gauges to show what it is we’re really dealing with internally and to give it to God first.

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    1. Amen and rhe key of repentence is to give it to Christ and leave it, not continue doing the same things at the drop of the hat. The Holy Spirit is amazing at teaching me and reminding me to slow down. And praise His name for His mercy. He is faithful and just to purify us from all unrightousness. ❤

      🙂 thanks!!

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  2. I can so relate. I was sharing this with our youths in church few weeks ago during bible study. There was a particular Sunday during church service and The Lord gave me a word of knowledge which I shared. Just like you said, I love confirmations because it helps me sieve my own thoughts from God’s. However during the whole of the service, nothing fell in line with what I shared and the thought of maybe it wasn’t God tormented me throughout. I felt slightly ashamed as a result. I started wishing in my heart for confirmation and on Wednesday of that same week, someone shared the same exact message and even referred to what I said.

    Gosh! if there was a mirror to see the ego that arose in my heart! “Phewww I wasn’t lying!” I said. That weight of trying to prove I was right left but was replaced with conviction. The Holy Spirit revealed to me how prideful my heart was and how the whole situation became about me even when no one knew what my heart really was like. I sure learnt a lot from that and it’s beautiful how He fathers us on our journey of becoming more like Him!

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    1. ❤ wow! It is so awesome to see how you have gone through the same thing. How amazing our Lord is in directing our eyes and hearts. It is not about us, ever. Now, I need to apply that truth daily 🙂

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    1. Truth, sharing openly where God has lead us is different. Although. I think some things bear repeating only in regards to what we are told repeatedly in scripture through Christ Himself, and others. But we can’t take it upon ourselves to foolishly think by saying something I will be the one to change minds. No. You’re absolutely right! It is God. May we be gentle and loving with our words and may we give Him the glory and opportunity to speak through us.

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  3. My oh my! I can totally relate to this on so many levels. After what was said without seeking my Father’s wise counsel I regret it and turn to Him and ask him “If what I said was right? Would you have answered like that God?” I get convicted and repent immediately. Then before I say something I pray or just simply ask the Holy Spirit to speak through to me to him, her, they, them etc.

    I like your honesty. May God continue to fill your mouth with his words of wisdom, truth, love & peace in Jesus name Amen! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Tammy! It’s so easy to step ahead and do what our flesh wants. Speaking without consulting God. Watching something without thinking if God wants us to watch it (whether or not it draws us closer to Him or pushes us away). There is so much we can grow in and it’s an immense blessing!!! Praise the Lord for not giving up on us and loving us. He rebukes those He loves!

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