How To Focus On The True Meaning Of Easter This Season

The true meaning of Easter is not a one-day deal just like Christmas is not a one-day deal either. Not for the life of a believer.

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Now, again, I’m not encouraging anyone to celebrate Easter. I know there are believers who do not celebrate Easter or Christmas, and I recommend looking up posts in your Reader to hear why. It’s important to keep perspective.

It really is easy to get distracted during holidays…especially holidays in which we claim to celebrate because of Christ. For me, personally, in the same way, I’ve been working on certain areas of my walk with Christ, if I’m going to celebrate something because of Christ, I need to be mindful of it daily.

Celebrations in the Old Testament tended to last a period of time. God, at some point, grew upset that people were not really going to Him. They did the sacrifices and celebrations (festivities) but they themselves did not seek Him.

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Well, I want to grow with the Lord and I think having a celebration because of what He did is wonderful. However, I want to slow down and take several days to be aware, in awe, and truly grateful as Easter approaches. I want to give Him that recognition and intimate time He so often is robbed of. Not only of the people of the past but including the people of today…like myself.

Obviously, we should NEVER suddenly have a strong connection to the Lord purely because of something we celebrate. I encourage daily prayer, reflection, and worship in your walk with Christ regardless of the occasion. But having specific topics to reflect and meditate on (when looking at scripture) is important.

Salvation…well…wow…it’s pretty intense.

It’s something “veteran” Christians take for granted often. The fact the Lord Himself came down as a babe, grew up in the truth of God, and dedicated His life for US for God’s glory so we do not have to smell or feel Hellfire… that’s certainly quite a life. He was a servant, after all, a servant of the Most High.

I want to start reflecting on all of these things Christ did while on this earth and how this applies to our lives, hopefully, I can break these topics down in multiple posts. But here are some reflections to really take to heart this month.

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He Was A Servant – Christ dedicated His life because of His love for God. Can you imagine what that means for your walk with Christ right now, what it looks like? I know there are times I make my life about me. I know the world, and many Christians would encourage to take time, even a little bit, to make things about ourselves. I’m not saying whether or not it’s wrong. But what I am saying is…Christ never took time for Himself. Ever. That’s incredible to me and so humbling when I see my life and my commitments. Am I serving God in what I do or myself?

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His Obedience Was Rewarded– Jesus was a servant, that’s clear, but His servanthood showed His obedience and loyalty to the Lord. Above all, these reflected His great love for God and God’s people. What Christ shows us is that when we go through hard times it is important to trust the Lord and love Him despite the trial. To show others in our distress our love and faith in Christ. We are told multiple times in scripture we, too, will be rewarded for running the race well. But we need to understand by the time we reach that kind of amazing glory…the only true reward we will care about…is being in the presence of our Lord.

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Christ Spoke The Hard Truth– He always led with a gentle hand, but do not doubt what He said wasn’t difficult to hear. His blunt truth, even in parables, rips to the core. People struggled with this truth, especially those who NEEDED to hear the truth. The same is in our own world. Christ wants us to speak His truth with love. He wants us to tell His truth. We need to turn to Him like He turned to the Father, before ever thinking of trying to please man. And yes, it will not be easy.

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Christ Did Not Choose What Was Easy– This was shown when He was tempted. He could have provided food for Himself. He could shown His mighty power and authority, but He didn’t. We will have things in our life that we could easily say or do. Maybe we are desperate for an income, and instead of following the ministry God has placed us in, we are considering to leave it because of monetary gain.

There will be choices presented to us that will be tempting. In how we speak about others and to others. In what and who we listen to, the things we expose ourselves to. Everyone around us has certain shows they all like and can discuss. But we know that is not what God wants us to subject our minds, eyes, ears, and hearts to. Again…this is all about who we serve. As tempting as life is for us, imagine, what great strength (faith) and love Christ had to always follow His Father.

Christ did what was uncomfortable. He loved and ministered to those who were given up on and condemned. He did not do what was comfortable for Himself. He did not rely on His own feelings about what He would prefer to do. No. His love for God always was greater than His own fear and discomfort.

I want to encourage you that through Christ we are on our way to perfection and a true purity, that’s the power of salvation. If you would like to learn more please see these posts. Note Added (03/08/202) I’ve since written a better post on salvation. I do not believe in the sinner’s prayer. Please check out: I Used To Believe In The Sinner’s Prayer…I Do Not Anymore…

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How Will You Focus On Christ This Season?

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) 2 Corinthians 4:02, “Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.”

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2 thoughts on “How To Focus On The True Meaning Of Easter This Season

  1. Awesome post, T.R.! I am going to write out your point so they are ingrained in my mind–
    -He was a servant
    -His obedience was rewarded
    -He spoke hard truths
    -He didn’t take the easy way

    I am trying to keep Christ at the center of my Easter celebrations through my Story Behind posts and contemplating the theme for this year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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