2 Samuel | 7 Of Saul’s Sons Are Hanged & More Giants?

Why three years of famine?

Wait, Goliath wasn’t the only giant?

Today’s reading covers some interesting topics.

Today’s Reading | 2 Samuel 21

Saul’s Wrong Doing Still Affected The People After His Death

There was a remnant of the Amorites, and they were known as Gibeonites. During Saul’s reign, he was determined to annihilate the people.

Because of this, at some point during David’s reign, there were three consecutive years of famines. David sought the Lord and God revealed why.

David wanted to make amends with the people. He told them he would give them whatever they wanted. Surprisingly, they did not want silver or gold from the house of Saul. They did not want anyone in Israel to be put to death.

But, they did want some people to be put to death in front of the Lord, and that was Saul’s sons.

David kept his oath with Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan. But he did take two sons of Sauls, and five grandsons of Saul. He gave them over to the Gibeonites.

On a hill, these seven were hanged during the first few days of harvest (at the beginning of the barley harvest). (v.9) 

The mother of the two sons spread sackcloth on a rock. From the start of the harvest until the rain came, she stopped any birds from landing on the bodies during the night, and she stopped any beasts to touch them at night.

When David hears of this, he retrieves the bones of Saul, Jonathan, and those of whom were killed, and has them all buried in the tomb of Saul’s father. After all of this, God answered prayers for the land.

Fighting The Giants

There came a time that the Philistines again rose against Israel. David was nearly killed, but he was saved from another. After this incident, the men told him that he could no longer come out and fight with them. (v.17) “You must never again go out with us to battle, so that the lamp of Israel may not be extinguished.”

Later on, another brother of Goliath’s was defeated, and there was another giant who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

What To Take Away – God punishes people with a natural disaster. It’s easy for us to think maybe certain destruction has no connection to God, but sometimes it does. We see these things happen in the end of times. We need to keep our eyes open.

Sometimes He allows us to go through trials to catch our attention. Which, reminder, whenever we go through something, we really need to make sure we are walking daily with Him, especially against spiritual warfare.

It’s also important to note, certain things we may think we need to do or are called to do, God may use someone else. David got older, and therefore he could not do the same things he once was able to do.

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I had completely forgotten about Saul’s sons getting hanged. Have you ever read this story?
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