Living Hell | Poem


wrapped around my wrists and ankles.


broken and torn, my soul tangled.


I thought it was a small room.

My body, temple, home.

But I realize, too soon,

crumbling, truth begins to foam.


Around the walls

dissolving into a toxic cage.

Myself exposed, naked.

Cloaked in bitterness and rage.


Soaking into my skin,

my sins coated me.

My norm, my form, my win.

I never thought to flee.



appeared over the strings.

I thought I would remove them

when I healed my wings.


Agony replaced my anger.

Despair took my bitterness.

What I thought mattered…didn’t.

My life. My call. My selfishness.


Wake up…


A Voice rings out. 


Wake up

and remove your doubt. 


I showed you the truth

of what you can become. 

Because you’re broken and bruised



You choose your footsteps over His. 

You walk in darkness because you’re unfit. 

You want the love His gives, 

but not the Cross that comes with it. 


I revealed the living Hell, 

which is already digging your pit. 

Yet, you question coming to Me,

is giving up your flesh worth it? 


I hate your shows, music, books, and lies 

that tear you away from My Son. 

Wickedness, you think is wise. 

But you don’t know the damage it’s done. 


Wolves in sheep’s clothes, 

these false prophets, and antichrists. 

They pull you in deeper

and you don’t even know the price. 


Why are you so stubborn?

So selfish of what you feel. 

Why do you not realize

what is false and what is real? 


The day will come if you don’t choose Me.

I’ll turn My back to you. 

Crying, pleading, you’ll ask why. 

“It’s because I never knew you.” 

The first time I read this out loud I could hear the frustration and hurt God must feel. This poem only captures a small percent, I’m sure, of what He actually feels.

I see so many Christians encourage to speak in love to others when sin is discussed because Christ is love. This is completely true. I’ll say it again, the only problem I have with this is the reaction I tend to get from believers. Talking about sin and conviction and the things we need to give up is not pleasant to hear. It is not going to be easy to hear.

Yet, I still speak in love, and yes, when I make mistakes about certain approaches I take, I try my best to be open and seek forgiveness.

Christ is love, and what Christ is not, is a sin. When sin is talked about in scripture we see that God is not lukewarm about it. He is not fuzzy about wickedness. Sin is death, there is no middle ground. As believers, we need to be aware of this. Speak in love but not in judgment, I think that’s the actual concern.

But we are aware sin does have consequences and there are judgments for that. We need to be careful we are not the ones condemning. But we must not get comfortable in not talking about sin either.

IT IS NOT ABOUT US, WHAT WE WANT, WHAT WE DESIRE, WHAT WE THINK! IT IS ABOUT GOD! While making the feature image for this post, I was listening to this sermon, and it fits the message of the poem. This was not planned. This post gets published tomorrow as I write this. I feel led to share this. This life and our walk with Christ is not about what we think. It is all about God, including the consequences of His wrath and sin. I highly recommend The Two Most Dangerous Lies by Francis Chan.

(NIV) Isaiah 55:08, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”

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16 thoughts on “Living Hell | Poem

  1. A very powerful piece and just in time, too, as I’m currently doing some reflection and I like Francis Chan.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Phew! I felt the heat of His rod upon my heart from this one! Hallelujah! Thank you Holy Ghost! Thank you Lord for daily correcting us! It’s true, we shouldn’t be soft to talk about sin. As said in your message, “Sin is death.” And He doesn’t wants us to die but live in Him for Him. Sadly many of us nowadays believers fail to talk/rightly correct sin and is bound to the chains of compromise! Lord help us before it’s too late! Blessings & strength to you!

    Liked by 2 people

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