Quotes From You | April ’19

April came and went but not without some powerful messages.

As always, these posts are not meant to make anyone feel like you need to make this list. I read a lot posts from various bloggers I can’t list them all. I hope you find some quotes that speak to you, and perhaps, some new bloggers.

You might notice there does seem to be a theme going on…this was quite unintentional. But very interesting!

Here are the posts that spoke to me in April. 

“There isn’t enough teaching in the Body of Christ about what happens after conversion. What happens when you feel stuck because you are growing in the Lord but nothing in your life has changed. What happens when the situations that you thought God would free you from are still your reality after years of following the Lord?” – Autumn Wood Writes

“I wonder what God wants me to learn through these experiences. Maybe: let go of my plans and trust God with my days?; let go of personal disappointment and ask for God’s wisdom?; trust that God will fill in the gaps?; stay teachable?; or get my priorities in order?” – Sing Like Wildflowers

“I believe we find ourselves at a place where we need to just accept one another, forgive and love one another, and leave our hopes and dreams for each other surrendered into the hands of God. God did not create me to be you. And, he did not create you to be me.”Ruth (Planted By Living Water)

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“Sometimes, they will only be ways to hang on a little tighter until the light finally breaks through. In those times, we have to pour out our turmoil to God and ask – believe – for Him to make a way. Whether that comes by way of medicine or treatment or one day you wake up and He has lifted that weight, believe that He will answer.” Savannah (Rejoicing In Hope)

“We encounter experiences in life that makes it look as though we have failed or lost in certain areas. Maybe you were believing God was going to come through for you regarding a particular situation. But despite doing everything right, things still went wrong.” Efua (Grace Over Pain)

“You can always find a reason to be hard on yourself and there will always be something to complain about. But have you stopped to be thankful?” Love Joy Balance

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“While I have learned this in my head, I don’t always feel it in my heart. Sometimes I still want to wow people with my performance instead of pointing them to the Lord.” Shae (Teen Meet God) 

“Come to think of it, I don’t believe “being still” has ever been easy for humanity.  We know exactly what needs to be done, what needs to be said, or what needs require filling.  And we restlessly plunge ahead without giving our direction much forethought. That’s what gets us into trouble.” Lynn (Through Ink & Image)

“I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but my mind went into overdrive. I tend to overthink things. Time was being wasted, when I could have been doing something more productive.” Emily (Lemonade & Co.) 

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“It wasn’t David’s hard work that made him great. It wasn’t the sweat of his brow. It wasn’t his prowess at war. It wasn’t his irresistible leadership charisma. It wasn’t his ability to inspire a nation. It was God’s gentleness. God’s beautiful heart towards him. God’s intimate involvement. God’s tender, astonishing accomplishment.” Jennifer (Feeding on Jesus)

“Years ago, I recall feeling so overwhelmed with doing for God that I neglected to be with him, for days at a time. On a few occasions, I heedlessly overstepped my authority or voiced my opinions, causing discord with others in my church. And more times than I care to remember, my stress overshadowed our family life.” Meredith (My Way Home Life) 

“I am okay with a slower pace because God’s timing is more important than mine. Society has a way of making one feel pressured to accomplish things. What good is it if we are rushing through each moment. There is comfort in peaceful moments yet I find it thrilling to constantly accomplish things.” Kiki (Growing Thru Something)

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“Now, to attain total freedom to depression, one step we have to take is identifying those people who made us think that we are unworthy; and forgive them. God has already forgiven us; now it is the time to do the same, even to those who are undeserving and unrepentant.” The Miss Encourager 

“Does this person pull me away from God or closer? That’s the question that every believer needs to ask themselves before getting into a marriage.” Growing Faith

“For, they are teaching a grace which merely forgives sin and promises heaven as our eternal destiny, but which does not put sin to death in the lives of the believers. Rather, it coddles them in their sin, and it gives them a false hope (safety/security), and it gives them a false sense of value and acceptance in Christ Jesus.” Sue Love (Run With It)

Song Inspiration: Authentic by Run51

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19 thoughts on “Quotes From You | April ’19

  1. “While I have learned this in my head, I don’t always feel it in my heart. Sometimes I still want to wow people with my performance instead of pointing them to the Lord.” Shae (Teen Meet God)

    Totally guilty of this as a grown man.

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  2. Thanks, T.R., for all of this! These all look great! I look forward to reading them. Again, thank you for the many ways in which you include the blogging community on your blog. That is a wonderful ministry! Sue

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Thank you for including me in this post. So many of these quotes were relatable to me. I think it is great that you mentioned how there was a common theme in the quotes you referenced. I believe that God will place a multitude of similar thematic circumstances to reinforce a struggle or to create connectivity in an area where you feel alone. I know a lot of these stood out to me, and it always feels good to feel understood. Thank you for your consistency in encouragement and your constant kindness. Blessings! Xoxo

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