1,800 Followers | What Topics Would YOU Like To See Covered?

I am getting closer to 2,000 followers, which is incredible.

Shout Out To Email Followers: I always wait to share milestones until I reach the number with WordPress followers, but I’ve been surprised at the number of people who have decided to follow me through email notifications. I tend to post quite a bit weekly, so the fact people are kind enough to allow me to fill up their email space is amazing. Thank you!

Which is all the more reason why I want to discuss this.

About a month ago, I had asked people for their input on the blog. I had received people sharing what they liked on the blog and wished to see more of (or to keep).

  • More personal stories/life lessons
  • Bible Studies/Devotionals
  • Music
  • Dreams
  • Community Spotlights / Involvement

For the most part, thankfully, everything I do on my blog my overall audience is okay with.

What I really am interested in are topics, as you may have guessed. I want to know as a believer are there certain topics that you are really interested in or either:

  1.  Desire more discussion on the topic
  2.  It’s a topic you personally struggle with
  3.  Or both

Whenever I can, I try to see what topics the community is interested in or might be interested in. I try to look at topics with Christ’s word being the top priority in making decisions. If you have topics to suggest, remember the primary goal of this blog is to push believers closer to Christ. See Believer Handbook if you are interested in seeing topics already covered.

I really want to work on being aware of what a lot of my readers are concerned about or would like a discussion on.

I’m trying to also find a balance between topics that are meatier (heavy) for believers, and working on including some that are lighter. I encourage all believers to strive for more conviction from the Holy Spirit daily, but as Paul said in scripture, even though believers (those who have believed for a while) should be on solid food, they aren’t. Of course, this excludes newer believers who are on the milk (lighter topics) because they are new.

Something lighter I think I can implement to encourage the community is blog awards. Over the past year, I’ve been blessed for other bloggers to nominate me for awards. I was torn between it being a showcase of awards my blog has been nominated for or using the awards as a way to put the spotlight at the end of the posts on others.

Because the interest is there, I think it might be beneficial, but please let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Thank you again, everyone, for sharing this journey with me and being a part of this ministry God has allowed in blogging.

Comment Below:
What kind of topics would you like to see discussed?

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42 thoughts on “1,800 Followers | What Topics Would YOU Like To See Covered?

    1. Yes, it truly is a blessing and I’m glad that despite all of the wrong things the internet allows, God still uses things for His glory and our good. Email can be one of them. 🙂 Thank you!!

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  1. Congratulations! That is so awesome! May God continue to use you to spread the truth of his word. I actually have been doing a lot of research on spiritual warfare lately. Have you covered this topic before?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much!

      You know…I’ve mentioned it probably in a handful of posts, but I’ve never really dived into the topic to help people understand what it is, or how we could experience it. I will write this down, and when I get to the post, I’ll also link your blog for the suggestion 🙂 You’re right, it is a topic people need to be familiar with!

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      1. Awesome 😊 Yes, it’s not something that you would normally hear discussed in church on Sunday’s. But as Christian’s we should know at least know what it is.

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      2. So important we know what it is, and in the right church, the pastor will cover it from time to time because the congregation must be equipped and that is the role of all shepherds. Sadly, our world has changed and what needs to be prepared within the heart often is not as discussed because it is not popular or soothing to hear.

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      3. This is so true. Sadly,its all about those feel good messages nowadays. Our church has talked about spiritual warfare, but it was a class we had for those who were interested and not the whole congregation.The crazy thing is we didn’t even finish the classes.

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    1. Girl, I’ve been thinking about talking about dreams and what to be careful of or what to look at 🙂 !!! I think this is a confirmation to probably discuss it soon. Also, I have a two part dream post coming out Thursday. It is one of the most intense dreams I’ve ever had. First part is the dream, and second part is explanation.

      All glory be the Lord, amen!!!!

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  2. Congratulations!

    Have you ever blogged on the topic of mental illness in the Bible? There have been instances where certain characters were thought to have suffered from a mental illness but were still used by God. Which goes to show people that God can use anyone anytime. Despite any physical or mental disability they may have.

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    1. Hmm, that is definitely is a topic I have not really looked into. I wrote down your suggestion. This one would definitely take some research 🙂 Thank you for being awareness of this topic. ❤

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      1. It’s not a topic people really like to talk about. I myself have been hurt by people’s words regarding my issues with bipolar disorder and depression. I was told I didn’t have enough faith and that’s why I was suffering.

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      2. I definitely think there can be a connection with spiritual warfare and/or what we expose ourselves to via media especially, as I shared in the post the medicine we do not talk about.

        Especially regarding the mind. It can make us feel so helpless and I think it is encouraging to understand what authority we do have on what we expose our eyes, ears and body to especially because that will influence our thoughts (and vis versa). It can open doors in our minds. When we shut those doors, we show the flesh our authority is in Christ, not ourselves.

        However, our faith does not determine what we receive and what gets taken away. The Lord determines that ultimately. Prayer can and is beneficial, but as you know, that does not guarantee all prayers are answered.

        I think people answering in that way is condemning and very judgmental. It causes discord. It pulls people down. By no means does it encourage you to draw closer to God, instead, it makes you and anyone else feel like it’s, “your fault”.

        It’s a really rude way to try to “help” someone. 😦 And I’m sorry that you pretty much got a “Job friend response.” A response given because the person does not have a better understanding and therefore takes upon themselves to “trust” in what they know and justify their answer.

        But that does not, in fact, mean they are right. And we all are accountable for those kind of responses. Again, so sorry Leigh that you’ve dealt with this.

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    1. Thank you!

      Haha, you can ask, but truthfully I don’t have much of an answer. I don’t really have many anyways, like under 25 to give a reference. Currently, I have an option on my sidebar for people to follow through email notifications if they want. That’s it. I don’t ask people. I don’t have any incentives, though many other bloggers will sometimes have extras for email subscribers. That could potentially be something I look into later, but yeah. 🙂 I don’t really have anything to offer. But I do know on YouTube there are videos more detailed on that, if you are interested.


  3. I know this isn’t exactly a topic, but I wanted to bring up poetry since I didn’t see it on your list. 😊 I like everything you’ve been doing, so I don’t have input beyond saying, keep writing for Him! ❤️

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  4. Congrats on 1800 followers! Idk if you have discussed this topic, but an interesting one that I have been stumbled by in the past is the concept of asking for healing. I met the members of one of my favorite Christian bands when I was in high school. They fully believed that Satan was causing my disability and said a prayer for healing over me, and when I still had FA afterwards, it was implied that I should try to have more faith and then I can be healed. However, there are plenty of Christians who have physical or mental illnesses who have greater faith because His strength is made perfect in weakness. Questions to potentially explore–Are illnesses caused by Satan, God, or neither? Can we expect miraculous healing as long as we pray hard enough with enough faith? What should we make of testimonies where people actually have been miraculous healed?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhh man, that’s a good one! My eczema might be a good example to use, too! I got healed but didn’t get healed kinda deal. I’ll write this down on my doc for suggestions.

      Thursday I’m going to cover one of suggestions dealing with difficult posts and comments. 🙂


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