Community Spotlight | April ’19

April went by really fast, and I’m shocked we have reached May! HOW!

Anyhow, this is not to make anyone feel like they need to be on this list. I read a lot of posts and bloggers, I can’t post everything. These are the posts that spoke to me this past month.

FIRST APPEARANCE (The Crafty Afro)What’s Wrong With Being The Crazy Church Lady– THIS POST! It’s pretty convicting. How many of us shy away from talking about faith to strangers/non-believers? Do we “run” away from those who seem to be “crazy church people”? The “too religious” because they always talk about Christ? If you have time, check this one out!

(Retrospective Lily) Lily – Exploring Redemption – I love that Lily does themes around Easter and Christmas. This year she focused on redemption and sacrifice. What a beautiful theme and so amazing to dig into hymns that show this depth.

(Love Joy Balance) – Comparison – Have you gotten made fun of because you didn’t have the best shoes? Or you have kids who experience getting teased because of they don’t have x, y, and z? This post goes over it all. She shares how her daughter experienced this, and how despite it was hard for her daughter, God was preparing her before it happened, and after. Love the truth in this post, and how an upset mom looked to God with thankful for the opportunity.

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(Jesskidding) – What’s In It For Me – Forgetting that the Lord will use everything for His good is something I definitely struggle with. Jess shares as a mom it can be hard to see the fruit of your labor, and this applies to anyone, mom or not. Great perspective.

The Time My Kid Took Up INTERIOR Decorating– This is so illustrative with a sweet depiction of one Easter gone in a creative twist. Jess shares how Easter grass is symbolic of sin, and it’s powerful.

(Refreshing Spirit) – Binding and Loosing: The Pleiades– Who would have thought upon walking into a car that Olivia, a believer, would not have a chance to tell her driver that she was already a believer, as he states his case for Christ. But Olivia, curious to see where the conversation would go, allowed her gentle and unceasing driver to continue on and discuss astronomy, a favorite of hers.

(Grace Over Pain) EfuaRest – I know the encouragement and the reminder that rest is important, too! It’s true, we tend to base ourselves and others on our work, and how much gets done.

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(All You Need Is Jesus) Leigh –  March 16th, 2003 – I really appreciate the honesty Leigh shares. She makes the mention how people may think they have experienced salvation in their head, but they haven’t actually in their heart, and therefore, are lost.

(Following Him Beside Still Waters) Grace- With Every Step– I had discussed this post before as Grace and I shared a collab, but I want to share it once more. It is such a powerful message. What would we do when we realize we realize we ran out of time? Would we desire to hide from the Lord?

I hope you found some posts that spoke to you 🙂

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Did you see any of these posts this past month?

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