Fallen Believers & “Messiah” In The Clouds – The Dream

(Full interpretation post is available as well. I posted both the dream and interpretation today.) 

Opening my eyes to early morning sunlight, my thoughts raced. “Wait, that was a dream? I’m back.” 

Frozen, yet, I could move. Fear radiated throughout my body. I hadn’t felt this kind of fear since one of the first dreams I’ve ever had on the second coming of Christ. The realism of the dream was the most real I’ve ever experienced than any other. It was not until twenty minutes when the dream had all been written down, the fear had left.

As when I shared my dream on Shaking Door & Chains this dream is so much bigger than myself.

The overall message is to – get ready, be prepared, awaken your eyes Bride of Christ, and be on the lookout FOR EVERYTHING! 

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The Dream 

Automatic Car- My husband had an automatic car. He wasn’t driving it. But sent the car out to pick up something. As soon as he did, he received a text message that the car got into a wreck. If he wanted to file a claim, he had the option, and he would immediately win. The text made the mention that he must have had an angel looking out for him, and then gave a stat about car wreck percentages.

Babylon Insurance–  We were in some kind of room, like an office. Gray white walls. There was a small table a woman sat behind. She was encouraging me and my husband to invest in insurance. This insurance would have a private investigator go around and find out details about ourselves that we would not have otherwise known. She said it also had tax benefits.

She mentioned how she learned a lot about herself when she was in, “Thieves”. Please see second post for further explanation as this connects to Thebes.

I was aware of the woman’s backstory. She grew up as a teen that was lazy, did not care about anything, and she kept this mentality as she grew up. She was given the opportunity for growth, this position in business, and though she wore the professional look, I knew that she was the same person on the inside. Not someone to be trusted. Not someone who was reliable.

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Sleeping & Branches – There were a few scenes in which we (myself and my husband) were sleeping outside. In one, we were sleeping on a bed, and I noticed we were under an enormous tree. It actually was quite beautiful. It had soft pink blossoms growing everywhere. However, many branches were falling down, and I had to get out of the way because they would have fallen on me.

There was a moment, I looked out and was aware that in the past, we had slept on a couch outside of the house. I questioned it because I was thinking about how that made us vulnerable and it signaled to thieves that our house was a perfect target.

In the next scene, I was in an apartment that was very high up. I was in a room, lying on our bed, and all of a sudden this gravity pull occurred. I was being pulled away from the bed, and I was trying to hold onto the mattress. The bed then began to be pulled forward (as if propped straight against a wall), and I knew I could no longer sleep there.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.21.27 PM.png

Storm Clouds, Clear Water, Glass Windows– In this apartment room, there were tall glass windows that looked outward. When looking out the windows, all that could be seen at first were thick, disturbing clouds. If we were above a city, I didn’t know. Clouds covered everything. They were yellow, orange, tan like in color. In real life, this would be evident a storm or something horrible was about to happen. I did not have these thoughts in the dream. Immediately, this beautiful crystal clear water swept the clouds away like sand. The bottom that was once hidden was this clear floor (kinda like a clean pool floor to give an idea).

3 Days Of Darkness? – When the gravity pull happened and I let go of the mattress. I saw my husband in a different room and he was walking very slowly. Like how one would walk through chest-high water, it is not easy. He had come into the room and I spoke about the three days of darkness.

To clarify, in real life, I don’t believe exactly in this, but that there is darkness in the end of days for sure please see:

I told him that comfort would be taken away.  I knew when I couldn’t sleep on the bed, it was connected, and I thought about how we would sleep on the floor. He mentioned it would be sad that talking (as a comfort) would be taken. And I said, “No,” pointing to him, “this is a time to minister to you.” 

Immediately, I heard some kind of loud siren. Like you would hear for a tornado warning, but instead of that sound, it was similar to a dial-up tone mixed with the sound on the tv when there is a weather warning. I ran out of the room to grab my candles for impending darkness.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.21.58 PM.png

Sirens, Message, Messiah– As I did, I heard a message. It was a male voice, similar again to something like a weather warning, but he said that the “Messiah” had been spotted in the clouds. He called him the one named Yahweh. The way it was pronounced stands out to me, and it sounded kinda odd, but I can’t really remember.

I had lifted up my hands as being affirmed these things were happening, and for the glory of God. My husband did not go with me and though the message was loud, he did not hear it. I was going to tell him.


Full interpretation will be continued in the next post which can be viewed now.

DISCLAIMER/My Role In The Dream- Everyone who has loved ones who do not know Christ, we are their examples. We must be urgent with the truth. This is true in my life. As well as spread the gospel to believers, and urge people to wake up especially those who believe they already are awake.

The main role my husband and I represented in the dream related in a union between a bride and groom. This is crucial for the Church body and Christ. Where is our union?

Please keep this in mind and please try not to assume this dream is solely about me and things in my life, this happens a lot when people try to interpret. Turn to scripture, pray to the Lord, seek Him first. I really encourage you all to please look at this with the perspective of the body of Christ. And thank you for listening to my wishes. Again, full interpretation is available now for you to check out. 

Song InspirationOne More Song For You by Casting Crowns 

Comment Below:
Have you had similar dreams? What scriptures do you see connect to this?

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5 thoughts on “Fallen Believers & “Messiah” In The Clouds – The Dream

  1. Hmm well now got the chance to read the dream. I read the interpretation first though. The scripture I got that connects with the branches are John 15:1-5. Christ the true vine. We are the branches. Falling branches in the dream- falling away from the faith,weak Christians, fruitless followers, those who are not bearing the fruits of Christ’s character, not fully grounded in the Word. I had a dream just last week where my neighbor and two other members from my home church cancelled their wedding date due to the Bridegroom not showing up. I saw other members and guests including the Pastor’s daughters turned their backs and followed the brides out of the wedding. It was a very large multitude of followers that were walking away. I’ll tell you the rest in an email. Blessings & grace!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What you took out of the dream definitely is one of the things I took, too! Yes, I saw you read the interpretation and I’m glad you checked out the dream 🙂 I know these posts were really in depth and not for everyone.

      Um, so just today I decided to do your post suggestion of discerning dreams and I feel you commenting on this definitely affirms I need to write the post this week 🙂

      I look forward to the email!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow! Bless God for that. 🙂 yes I’m really glad i did though. Yes it was and I’m glad you obeyed God on posting them for the sake of the church waking up.

        No way! Which God work! Bless the Lord! I really look forward to that!

        Yes, I’m going to email you now, but I need your mailing address again though, I think I misplaced it lol

        Liked by 1 person

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