Community Prayer Request | June ’19

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you!

Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs.

Why We Need To Pray- Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers

Here are the prayer requests/updates for the month of June

LilyRequest for healing and finances – Fellow blogger Jennifer shared that her daughter has been in the ICU. There has been a Go Fund Me set up if you would like to help financially. Go Fund Me

Little Boy “J”Request for guidance and direction – One of my friends reached out to me and shared her little boy has Lyme disease. She recently had her third baby, and the family has been having a hard time. Please lift up “J”, his mom and dad, and everyone will be apart of the journey as they learn to deal with the disease. That comfort and assurance would be wrapped around the shoulders of the family.

Update Family MemberRequest For Healing & Protection– The family member who had cancer removed is preparing for radiation therapy please please, as the radiation will leave burns.

Little Boy “Ben”Request for healing, protection, guidance, role models, love – This little boy needs prayer. He’s not even ten and he has so many things working against him. He has a lot of scars from his past that has damaged him greatly, causing problems for him developmentally and with others. He needs male role models, like father figures especially. These people need GREAT patience and endurance. Please pray not only for “Ben” but for those who work with him. Protection that “Ben” gets the help he needs so that he does not fall through the system. Please, considering fasting when you pray for him. Again, there is a lot working against this little boy.

Prayers For My HometownRequest for healing and protection– My hometown has been affected by flooding and the rain is going to continue. Some people have lost homes. Some are stuck at home as the roads surrounding them are flooded. Please pray for protection and aid for those affected, or who may become affected in the week.

NkaabaRequest for financial aid-  I am an African from Uganda. I am trying to look for a way to go to do university in USA but things have become so hard for me. I am seeking your prayers so that I get a soccer scholarship and I find the funds requires of me to go for my trials before new year.”

OliviaRequest For Missionary Opportunity That’s Coming Up“My prayer right now is that my heart would be knit with the family I’ll be staying with and serving alongside; that there would be unity among myself and the other disciples of Jesus whom I will be living, interacting, and serving with; that there will be a smooth transition for me adjusting to Bolivia and for those who are adjusting to me not being around or easy to reach; and that there would be comfort for those who will miss me, and comfort for me as I am missing others.”

Update | Baby Finn | Finn Is Still Hanging In There

Stay Up To Date– Finn’s Facebook Page

Please continue to lift up this family. Pray against stress for the parents, the father went back to work recently and the timing is hard on them. Pray for protection and healing for this little one. He has issues with his lungs and has to go through a number of surgeries. Pray for strength for Finn.

Vanessa– Request For Healing– She shared with me her father received news of cancer. Please lift up this family and that they are surrounded in the peace and assurance of the Lord. That the family, and especially her father, feels the Lord every single day and in everything.

Megan– Request for healing– Megan let me know her grandmother had a stroke. The stroke left her partially paralyzed and unable to breathe and swallow on her own. Megan requests prayers for no further strokes as they have been told it’s likely there will be more. Prayers that her grandmother is able to swallow soon.

You’re Full Of It – Request for healing– “I’m battling depression, asking for prayer to stand in full agreement that I’m being healed. I miss blogging and other things I used to do that are now overwhelming to me.”

My Aunt– Request for financial support–My aunt is doing a lot better. The main issue now is the bills. They are in the process of seeking help against the hospital.

Sharon– Request for support– “Life’s a struggle and somehow it has managed to slow me down.”

Gail– Request for prayer– Her doctor friend who is dealing with his mother’s death.

Leigh–  Request for motivation and peace– Recently, Leigh shared she has been going through a lot of battles. She doesn’t feel like writing much, and she wants to. She doesn’t want to shut down her blog, but there is a chance. She requests prayer. I ask we pray against the spiritual attacks she is going through as well as her physical pain.

My Mother In Law- Request for healing and answers-My mother in law, for decades has had a lot of issues with physical pain. She has neuropathy, and it is a cruel disease. Recently, she has been falling a lot and it is very likely she will have to get a wheelchair. I ask for prayers of healing, be it God’s hand, or His use of medicine to help her pain. Her meds tend to make her very sleepy, it’s difficult to visit and know when she is awake. Everything she has gone through has made a lot of battles mentality, physically, emotionally, and I’m sure spiritually too. Please ask for the Lord’s hand.

Sherita Benn– Request for guidance and finances – “I ask that you all pray for my family and I as we endure these hard times in our lives. I ask that you pray over our finances along with guidance.”

Joshua – Request For Relying On God – He asks that he rely on God with all of the school work he is going through and for help in not comparing himself to other bloggers.

Restorationministry- Request For Help With Finances– “Please pray for finances (a financial income) so I can continue to write these blog posts and also for other personal provisions.”

Loved By King of Kings– Request for strength – “Special prayers for my sister and her family who have invited Mom & Dad to come live with them and prayers for all the arrangements that will have to be made for all that to come together.” & Continued prayer for her mother.

Vivian – Request for renewed sight– Please pray that the Lord help Vivian. Ask for strength during this time both for Vivian and her daughter Julia. Ask that the Lord provide other means for Vivian to give her encouragement.

Request for healing– “I would love prayer for my healing, especially my nervous system and cranial nerves from TBI.”

Sue Love & Her Husband – Request against spiritual warfare and protection– Praise the Lord that He knows all! Please ask that He reveals what is in the dark to the light, and for His protection.

Request for guidance and family- “Thank you for those of you who have been praying for us. Continued prayer is needed. I, Sue, need prayer for strength, wisdom, discernment, perseverance, and endurance, and to not lose hope, but to stay the course, and to keep resting in God with regard to my husband and our marriage. Pray that I would keep trusting God with my husband and for my husband’s surrender of his life to Jesus Christ. For we are in a spiritual battle here against deception and darkness. Thanks!”

A friend’s brother–  Request for someone’s brother who has schizophrenia and he needs to be uplifted. I ask for prayers that he is surrounded by those who can support and help him. I ask prayers of strength for the family.  I also ask this friend of mine be uplifted against anxiety. That this friend feels continued assurance from God, and His teachings.

My Request- Please pray for God’s hand in the lives of myself and my husband. That God prepares a place for my husband to have a co-op for his schooling and potentially be at a place he can work at after he graduates that is in his field. I ask for His hand on our household and finances and in my writing. Please lift up my home church as well. My pastor and the congregation. For protection, guidance, and renewal.

Remember, to pray for the lost, for the body of Christ, leaders to be strengthened, and believers to draw closer to God. We have some fellow bloggers in ministries in Italy, India, and Indonesia please remember them.

Pray for the Lord’s hand resting upon those being abused, trafficked, locked in addiction, those who feel unloved, and those suffering from illness. 

Pray for the widows, the fatherless, the poor, the hungry, and pray for your own walk with Christ. 

Please Comment Below – 
– If God reached out to you during this month of prayer, please share how He reached you down below. Whether prayer was listed or not.
– If you would like your request listed (or don’t see it listed), please comment below and let me know. If you do not want to say details just say unspoken, and I will add it. God will know what the unspoken is. 🙂



14 thoughts on “Community Prayer Request | June ’19

  1. Thank you for this wonderful community prayer group… prayers been answered and things are falling into place. Please keep my husband and I in you guys prayers as we endure these trials. Please pray that we get through this financial trial. I know God doesn’t put too much on us that we can’t bare. I know we go through trials to make us stronger in life. I want to thank you all in advance and may God Bless you all. 🙏🏽❤️❤️🙏🏽

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Through God we can endure because He can endure, amen. There are trials that by ourselves we cannot get through. We are only human. But the Lord is our shelter and wing. During the storm, though we are weak, He is strong. Paul says to boast in weakness so the power of Christ may be upon us. ❤ Prayers will be continued. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for praying my doctor friend. He told me last month as he was doing my nerve block that he was touched to know so many people were praying for him. He said he was truly thankful.
    I am praying for all of the prayers above.

    Liked by 1 person

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