Writing, Blogging, Crocheting, Gardening | What I’ve Been Up To

I’m back and running on my second blog after a long break.

Since taking a break in March, quite a few things have happened.

I’ve reached Ch. 18 of my book.

The book is still going! I’ve shared on my other blog how I’ve been struggling to find a balance. Post | My Book Is Still A Work In Progress

I’m excited because it’s reaching a point where my main character is able to meet up with some other characters that are CRUCIAL for the story to continue. I think once I reach this point, hopefully, the story will become easier to write.

I’ve started gardening.

I tried to garden last year and there were a few problems. What I planted grew, but I was extremely new to gardening, still am. This year, I am attempting to grow some vegetables in containers. It’s quite an adventure, and there are already problems. I’m considering blogging about my adventures. (Left To Right, Bunching Onions…

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2 thoughts on “Writing, Blogging, Crocheting, Gardening | What I’ve Been Up To

    1. Thank you so much! 😊

      Gardening is certainly an experience for sure! I have been growing indoors and that has its own issues. One day I will get a heat lamp for them.


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