Quotes From YOU | May ’19

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Summer is approaching and warm days finally are upon us. I’ve been waiting, and my flowers have been waiting.

Here are quotes from Christian bloggers around the community that stood out to me in the month of May. As always, this is not to make anyone feel like they need to make this list. 🙂 I want the community to encourage you.

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“Sometimes we forget that we are walking examples of Christ’s love and will for the world.” (Jesskidding)

“Ours is a God who worketh wonders, who communicates through word, and whose word all of reality conforms to.” Olivia (Refreshing Spirit) 

“And I thought about how frustrated I was when God didn’t take away all my problems in an instant, because he knew that teaching me to fight this battle was what would actually keep me walking in freedom.” Lea (Lea’s Spiritual Journey) 

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“We are our child’s first teacher. As a Christian mom, one of our biggest duties is to pass on our faith to our children and grandchildren.” EJ (The Crafty Afro) 

“I know that in this world we are going to have suffering. Things are going to happen that just don’t make sense. Trials will arise. But as Paul writes, one day we will see glory.” Leigh (All You Need Is Jesus) 

Speaking of her father “His lack of seeking God caused numerous problems. He built things and was proud of his work, but he didn’t seek to learn how to build his family up.” Ruth (Planted By Living Water)

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“No one knows why their lives turn out the way they do. We just have to trust that God will work out everything for our good. As long as we are willing to be obedient.” (Autumn Wood Write)

“In this way, I was demanding His wisdom instead of putting His timing first. I didn’t ever mean to do it like this, but the more I asked and the less I heard, I eventually became impatient.” Maggie (Dreaming Of Guatemala) 

“There are many reasons why we find ourselves in people bondage and one of them is the desire to be accepted. We were created to thrive in community. This desire makes us long for acceptance within our community.” Efua (Grace Over Pain)

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“My brain can’t really wrap around the fact that God is all-powerful. I know in my head that God will take care of me, but I still feel fearful at times. God doesn’t want me to feel that way, though.” Shae (Teen Meet God) 

“They decided something that wasn’t true, and then they treated that other person badly, as though it was true. And, many relationships are ruined because of lack of good communication where we truly listen and we respond to make certain we heard the other person correctly.” Sue (Run With It)

“We have been called by God to live into His love and grace by becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.” Lily (Retrospective Lily)

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“Anything that I say, do, or think that goes against God’s desires or puts my wants first creates a wall between Him and I.” (Freedom Letters) 

“Things likely appear miserably bleak at the moment and I assure you: they are. If we remain trusting in ourselves and placing our hope upon our own performances, we are going to be disappointed. That is what being cursed by sin entails.”Emma (My Redemption For His Glory)

“It may be hard to see it as good right now but trusting that God will work good in us and bring good out of hardships can be done if we believe His word and what He promises to us.” Vivian (God’s Whispers Of Truth) 

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Which quote spoke to you?

Monthly Scripture – (NKJ) Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,” says the Lord. 

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16 thoughts on “Quotes From YOU | May ’19

  1. It’s so hard to choose just one. I think after the past week I’ve been having they all speak to me. But I like the one by Autumn Wood Write. God works everything out for our good even when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to trust and believe.

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  2. I’m truly honoured, T.R.; thank you for sharing a quote of mine. ☺️

    It has been so exciting and fascinating for me to learn from the greater Christian blogging community. I know it has helped me grow in knowledge, understanding, wisdom, discernment, and even grace. Thanks for uplifting us!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Vivian’s quote at the end really stood out to me. The fact that the Word of God builds up our faith is something that means so much to me and I was reminded of that. When we read about who He is and what He has done, and when we believe that what He says about who He is and what is has done is TRUE (because it is!!!), then our faith and trust in Him will grow so much – and we will be able to confidently trust that a God will work all things together for good!

    Thanks for sharing these, T. R.! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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