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5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)

I apologize for the delay. The last time I was able to do this spotlight was in March. I hope to do to these about once a month, if possible. I’m almost up to April comments of those who wanted to be featured. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

I want to add, again, that not all who wanted to participate made this series. There were some who had not posted in over a month and some whose blogs were not focused on Christian topics. I’m looking specifically for blogs primarily focused on Christian topics. 

This series is to help the community become aware of other Christian bloggers. Here are five Christian teen bloggers who have submitted an explanation of their blog. These are not only Christian teens but teens sharing Christian topics on their blog.

*To be featured you must have had a post within the past month of when I select your blog. See below for further instructions if you would like to submit your blog. 

1. Jim Shyu’s Christian Blog

“I am starting a Christian blog with a series of messages and sermons that will be posted. This is mostly meant for my club, The Reflection Club, at our school, but others can take a look.”

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2. Jesus. Coffee. Amen.

“I post short Sermons just about every day. I also have links to my YouTube playlists full of sermons, music, and spoken words (which I constantly update). Be sure to check it out!”

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3.  Overcoming Hannah

“My blog is about being a Christian teen living with physical and emotional chronic pain. I’m looking forward to getting to know other Christian teen bloggers!”

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4. Wonder Of Our King 

“It is about trying to find God in the everyday life and how He is there even in the midst of the bad things. I am trying to promote a positive atmosphere were people can come to know him deeper and relate on a personal level. I have also included some tabs on my blog like talks, scripture, music, and special intentions to provide other opportunities for people to connect with Him.”

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5. Tellhillah Adonai 

“So I’m a 16 year old girl who writes about different things, different topics about God that I gather from when I am reading my Bible, there is no specific manner that I follow when I post, I post because I want my blog to encourage other teens like myself to endure in their Christian walk and to be inspired to speak out as well and spread the gospel.”

TO BE FEATURED– if you want to be selected you must meet the criteria of this post here Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!  please read the whole post so you do not miss out on details. Some blogs meet all criteria, aside from one or two things I really need.

If you are a Christian blogger but not a teen check out this post and follow instructions to see if you meet criteria. Christian Bloggers Wanted!

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