Community Spotlight | May ’19

And with that May is over, June is almost over!

These posts have been gathered around the Christian Blogging community. I hope they speak to you. I’m excited to share some new bloggers on this series today.

As always, this is NEVER to make anyone feel like they need to make this list. I can’t list all the amazing posts I read. These are the ones that spoke to me.

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(FIRST APPEARANCE) Commissioned By HimThe Happy Ending – I love how Kim shares that a happy ending is not always what we think it is. She shares how she deals with chronic illness on the daily, and when people ask how she is doing, it’s very much the same as it has been. It’s not necessarily an “exciting” answer. But then she discusses Christ and how His life was not “exactly” a happy ending, yet because of EVERYTHING He went through, it was! And one day her story, too, has a happy ending!

(FIRST APPEARANCE) Sister In ScriptureHoping In A Help That Never Came – This is a pretty powerful post. A story of two sisters with a tire blown out, waiting on the side of the highway for help. The help they received wasn’t what they expected. She connects this to lies of our enemy. How the devil will bait us, drawing us in, and we keep walking along because we’re reaching for something we will never get.

(FIRST APPEARANCE) The Fight Of Faith –  Christians Should Only Read The Bible – Doug shares a really interesting post in which some people feel they should only read the Bible and no other text. There’s nothing wrong with only desiring to read scripture. But it becomes a problem when people are refusing simply because of arrogance. He makes a very smart point. Other texts that point to scripture can illustrate and teach. Pastors do the same thing in sermons. Of course, we should be guarded, but I really enjoyed reading that point.

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(FIRST APPEARANCE) The God I KnowThe Omniscience Of God – This post breaks down what it means for God to be omnipotent. I love the thoroughness, and reminder that is both alarming and amazing that God knows us completely! This blog is all over the attributes of God so if you are into learning more, this blog has it!

In His Grip- Not Afraid – This gets personal quick. Jenny shares how we look at our desires and determine if those are ones God gave us. Like desiring a spouse, for example. How when we become afraid or struggle seeing how God will provide we often put Him in a box out of this fear. I love the openness and truth she shares.

God’s Whispers Of TruthThe Word On Monday Armor Of God – I love this reminder Vivian gives. We will often be attacked by our enemy when we are already down and broken. It’s so important we are prepared with scripture, the sword of the Spirit. Be prepared, at all times.

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Planted By Living WaterStorms Of Emotional Pain– Ruth is very open about how her father was not a godly man. How it took her a while for her to accept the Lord as her Father. But she has, and never has gone back! It’s amazing to see what God takes us through and how He heals.

Grace Over PainHow To Fight Spiritual Warfare – Efua goes through scripture and gives us the tools to know how we can properly fight back. I love how many weapons she gives us to fight back. She explained the core of spiritual warfare is to turn our focus from God to self. TRUTH! She also then shares how our fear is often something we believe to be true, regardless if it is or isn’t. WOW! So many other points she made ❤ Highly recommend!

Run With It – Are We Listening – Sue makes the point that if we truly listened to others it could change everything. Listening is so much deeper than using our ears alone.

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Crafty AfroFinding God In Sugar Scrub – The title says it all, seriously. EJ goes through a recipe of making a sugar scrub but she ties in a message connected to both scripture and motherhood. How awesome is that!?

Freedom LettersStanding Out In A World That Blends In– I love the truth in this post. She does a wonderful job of asking us to look at our media and be willing to see how that affects our walk with Christ, as well as other influences.

My Way Home- Silvery Words – Wow, Meredith points out a deep truth comparing our words to silver and what that really means!

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