Cutting Toxic Friends | He Heals My Brokenness {Blog Tag}

When Maggie from Dreaming Of Guatemala let me know she not only created a new tag, but nominated me, too, I was beyond excited! When I got to the post and found out what it was, I was even more excited!

Maggie is wonderful, and she is a Christian Life Style blogger. She’ll cover routines, blogging, cooking, writing, and often tie in Christian messages as well as share her life.

Explanation Of The Tag:

One of the most beautiful ways we can share our testimonies is by opening up about what the Lord has rescued us from! This tag was created by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala to provide an outlet for bloggers to share how the Lord is healing us and making us new. This can include the hardships that first led us to the Lord, as well as things He is still working on healing within us today.

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What God Has Rescued Me From

Toxic Friendships– When I was a teen I had a lot of toxic friendships. I remember going from a pretty outspoken person to someone really quiet and defeated because of my peers. I had friends who went through a lot, emotional abuse, unstable families, etc. They didn’t realize their behaviors were toxic because that’s all they knew. I thought as a Christian I was just to bear the burden…constantly.

And I was treated like a doormat.

Things would ALWAYS be my fault. I remember one misunderstanding an ex best friend became enraged in tears that I “put words in her mouth” when I said something to another person. I would constantly be feeling bad about myself and how I’m such a “bad friend.” This same person, in fact, caused a lot of issues in my self-esteem. From ages 12-18 we were friends, best friends most of those years.

But good friends do not treat you like that.

When I went to college God gave me a new best friend. Someone who never hurt me, to this day, I’ve never gotten in an argument, yet! It took either my second or third year in college for the Lord to give me the scripture Matthew 7:06

(NIV) Matthew 7:06, “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

God revealed to me I was giving too much of myself away. I didn’t have to. Being a Christian did not mean I was to be a constant doormat. It didn’t mean people COULD walk over me all the time. Yes, we are to be humble. Yes, people will probably take advantage of us. But not for years. We are told to after taking out the plank in our own eye, tell our brothers and sisters if they are sinning against us. AND we are told to TURN AWAY from that person if they refuse and keep sinning, even with witnesses telling them of their behavior! (Matthew 18:15-17)

I was free, and since then, I’ve worked on being more honest in my friendships. I’ve cut ties with other toxic friendships since the first one. People don’t like it. I’ve even had my faith used against me on social media because “not being friends isn’t the Christian thing to do” basically.

But being used all the time is NOT healthy and it is not godly all the time, either. We cannot be a constant source of comfort for people, only Christ can do that! When people are broken they will drain us, and continue to drain us if they seek us as a refuge. Only God is our refuge and STRENGTH! We will be empty. Christ never will be!

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Despair After Military– I wrote about this in about four posts in 2017, but when my husband finished his term he decided to leave the military. It was a time of uneasiness because he didn’t know what he was planning to do, which was college. When that got figured out we didn’t know if we would be accepted at the one college, he was! We had to sign when our lease would terminate and LEAVE … before knowing when the movers would arrive and that was scary! They arrived in time!

Everything I was terrified of the Lord provided. He continues to. Yeah, it’s not much, but my security does not rest in finances, but Christ. He continues to teach me this. Two years later, my husband and I are still doing okay, and the Lord has gotten us this far!

Rules For Nominees:
  • Shoutout to the person who tagged you / left an open invitation.
  • Include the badge, rules, and explanation in your post.
  • Tag it under HeHealsMyBrokenness in the Reader.
  • Share with your readers all of the different things (as many as you’d like to talk about) that the Lord has rescued (or is currently rescuing) you from.
  • Tag 5 different bloggers who you think would like to participate and leave an open invitation for anyone else interested!

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and anyone else would like to do the tag!

Today’s Song Inspiration: Do It Again By Elevation Worship 

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What Has God Rescued You From?

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11 thoughts on “Cutting Toxic Friends | He Heals My Brokenness {Blog Tag}

  1. Oh what a cool tag! Thanks so much for sharing your stories, TR. What a precious thing to remember that God is our Deliverer and our Provider, and He will never stop being those things!

    I hope to be able to participate! Thanks for the nomination. ^.^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s funny cause some of the people who used to be toxic are still in my life, but they have changed! And others have sought forgiveness, which has been incredibly healing. He is so good! And I”m beyond grateful for the sisters in Christ like you He has given me since ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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