Keep Writing The Book

Dear T. R,

I’ve received your letter in which you shared your doubts. How this book is different than the past ones. It will be your fourth book, but first of the series. Yes, you’ve been working on forming the series since 2013, and it may feel like it’s dragging. But do not forget everything God has taught you since those first years.

2014 you wrote your first novel, ever! 2015 you completed your second. 2017 you completed your third. Many difficult things happened in those years, and God continued to show you why somethings were not written until certain events happened.

He has helped form characters out of nothing. He’s given inspiration and connections that you admitted you could not come up on your own. Every person whom you have confided to about the backstories are always surprised at the depth. I know you don’t believe in coincidences! There has been a lot poured into this series and by far the Lord is not done.

So…why does it seem you are struggling?

If I may, why in the world would the Lord give you something as a child, which continues to inspire you as an adult, and NOT use it for His glory? Why would the Lord, in some of your darkest moments, use this childhood world to illustrate His power and love to you? Because you should know by now, you’ve long given this world over to Him.

The stories are deeper. The people are deeper. That’s all because this has been given over to Him. His fingerprints are woven throughout every piece of this series. This is His.

Stop relying on feelings on when to write. Stop letting weariness be a determinate in continuing. This is a fight. This is a race.

Not once. Not ever has the Lord shut down any doors to this project.

Have you forgotten why you started to blog in the first place? You blogged for Him, remember? Why can you not go back to this place in writing this book?

Keep walking forward for Him and only Him! Everything else will fall in place in His timing.  These roadblocks are absolutely NOTHING to Him!

Remember the Lord takes His time. He has been crafting this series long before it was an idea to write a series based on your childhood. You lived the adventure, now give it to the reader. But first, make sure you are giving it to God.

~T. R. Noble

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