Damascus – Not Just Their Journey

Everyone’s story can have a Damascus.

That’s what He told me.

Everyone’s story can have a Damascus.

Listen to me.


The prayers you are praying

keep praying.

The doubt that you are feeling

stop believing.

Healing does not happen because we pray.

Healing occurs for those who have lost the way.


Let God be God and determine

when or if He will come to them.

But if you put all of this on God, have you forgotten?

People have a chance to see God depending on how you are walking!


Keep seeking their Damascus.

Keep asking for Damascus.

Keeping knocking for Damascus.


Damascus is not the end but the beginning.

Funny how we think salvation is the end to our story.

What Savior are we preaching when we wear robes of white,

yet stones we think are hidden

hang by our sides in pure sight?


Paul didn’t use to think he needed Damascus.

Until he was blinded on the road.

How often does deception tell us God has given up on those.

The people we used to pray for but gave up on.

Just because God did not answer us doesn’t give us a reason to throw stones.


How many people have I turned away

because I wasn’t ready to hear what God had to say.

“Child, you need your own Damascus before I reach them.

You think your robes are of white but I see the sin.

Aren’t you cold, kid? Why are your robes so thin?

Stop believing this lie and in My time I’ll reach them.

But I want to reach you, too.

That’s why I came back for you.”


Written July 7th, 2019 

— This poem was written in a matter of minutes. I was listening to the rapper NF and appreciating the fact he brings up truths in a wholesome way. Of course, my favorite songs of his are the ones he talks about God. (My favorite song of his | Oh, Lord

I felt like I, too, wanted to bring awareness. Ever since I was 13, I wrote poetry for God and for believers. I do not always share as much poetry on this blog because not everyone is interested into it. However, I very much felt called yesterday to return back to this kind of poetry.

Damascus was the first word I heard and I imagined how Paul was older when he turned to Christ. I’m sure many of us have people we have been praying for or hoping that turn to Christ. Sometimes it gets frustrating because we want God to work on our time. We want people to be saved or to turn to God on our own clock.

We forget God has His own plan. We forget the power of witnessing. How we need to love people when they struggle, including hypocritical people, just like how Paul used to be.

Often times we are on our own Damascus journey. God is at work in ways we do not realize, until the only thing we hear is His voice.

Ponder Below:
Are you on the road to Damascus?

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) Ephesians 3:19, “and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

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4 thoughts on “Damascus – Not Just Their Journey

  1. Awesome, this poem really ministers to me, especially these parts;
    1. The doubts you are feeling stop believing.
    2. Let God be God and determine when or if He will come to it.
    God bless you for T.R for this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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