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Community Spotlight | June ’19

Summer has arrived! My cucumber plant, Dylan, is starting to bud.

The community continues to astound me in the various topics and deep-hearted issues of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

As always this is not to make anyone feel like they need to make this list. I read a lot, but I can only share so many.

These are the posts that spoke to me for the month of June.

(Teen Meet God) Shae- Verse Of The Week | Psalm 56:8 – I certainly learned a lot about tears in bottles. Shae digs into the truth and history of what tears in a bottle actually meant back in the day. What it means for us now.

Praying Purposefully– I love how honest Shae is in admitting she was rushing through prayer. I think most Christians at some time or another struggle with this. Sometimes it is a daily battle. She shares how she has broken down her prayer list and worked toward focusing on every need.

(My Way Home) MeredithLiving What We Blog– I love how Meredith is open in pointing out that often after she posts something she sometimes stumbles with the very topic she wrote about. It’s true, I’ve done the same as a blogger.

Stubborn As A Child- I love the connection Meredith makes between looking at her young son and seeing how we are like kids when it comes to God. We do not always like what He wants us to do. We take time to adjust. It is amazing to see how Jesus knew children would be one of the best examples He could give us.

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(God’s Warrior) Joshua- Are We Comfortable Christians? – Joshua always does an amazing job looking at his topics, not only sharing his own perspective but sharing posts from other bloggers on the topic, too. This post is no exception. He digs into what it means to stand out as a Christian and the issues when it comes to being comfortable and lukewarm.

(Dreaming Of Guatemala) MaggieHe Heals My Brokenness– I love this tag that Maggie created. This was one she tagged me in, too, if you want to hear my answers. I love how Maggie is so honest about all of things God has been working with her on. How she has been freed in many of her struggles. Things she is working on currently. He heals us, all in different ways!

(A New Life) Amy- Devotional Series – Do not be fooled by the title. This post is packed with truth and realness of how corrupted many of our tv series are. Amy shares a show that pulled in her, but she knew there were elements that were not wholesome. Eventually, she did let go. She chose God over the world. But she reminds the reader that we have consequences for what we expose our senses to.

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(Run With It) SueWatch And Beware– I love how Sue shows how in Christ’s time people tried to stumble Him. Just like Jesus we too will have struggles. People will try to stumble us up. Satan will throw darts. But we can be ready!

(Grace Over Pain) EfuaShould A Christian Wear A Bikini- I love the truth Efua shares in this post. There is nothing in the Bible that encourages a bikini. As some of you know, I speak on this blog about how conviction is not always what people think. Efua is very much on the same page with this topic. The Bible does not care that people find bikinis acceptable. We are to honor the Lord with our body and how we reveal our bodies to others.

Ponder Below:
Which post speaks to you?

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) Ephesians 3:19, “and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

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10 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | June ’19

    1. I have never grown a vegetable before but depending on how it goes I might try pickles as well. He just bloomed with male flowers today ❤ it will take about a week to two weeks for the females. I'm excited to see where it goes 🙂

      So glad this series blesses you in finding others ❤


      1. That’s awesome TR! My one tomatoe plant has lots of fruits on it now and we are excited! God bless you and thank you. I read the bikini post. Great post and more needed in our culture! 🤗😚

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Thanks, T.R., for including my blog in this. Praise the Lord! And, thank you for doing this, also. Not only do I discover bloggers I never knew of before, but I also get to read blog posts that I missed, too.

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