29 thoughts on “Simplified My Blog Look & Logo | Blog Makeover

    1. Way to go with Illustrator!!! I actually love making designs but I can’t make them by hand, so I think it’s awesome you can! I think your designs fit with the audience you are working towards.


  1. I love the new design, girl! ❤️ (I’m on mobile, so I can’t view your blog like I can on PC, so I’ll have to check that out later 😂) I liked the photo you used for a while as your background (I think it was a picture of water?) because it went with the rest of your blog and didn’t distract from everything else (at least for me). However, I do think that the simpler one can go with their blog design, the better – it really helps readers to focus on the content! 💛

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    1. Thank you so much! The background is kind of a grey granite. I liked the water for its symbolism but I just didn’t connect to it. The grey I think you might like more. I love it ❤ If you get a chance to check in the PC love to hear your thoughts! But so glad you like the logo!!!


    1. You were part of the blessing! God just hinted a various factors throughout the day, and when I saw your post everything clicked like He wanted me and was showing me how to go with a different direction.

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  2. I agree with your friend. With blogs simple is better. This is also true with colors. I try to keep the colors of the blog itself limited. Otherwise it causes brain overload.
    I love you new logo. It’s simple, attractive and carries your purpose for blogging. ♥

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