God Is Crafting Me Like My Granny Square Blanket





Welcome to a late-night session on my living room floor. My project is a granny square blanket that I started last fall. Multiple granny squares, various patterns, and colors all laid out. Ready to be attached. All which had to be hand sewn in.

I had been pretty careful with the blanket, but last night, I pricked myself a few times, and even today as I added the latest section, got pricked twice!

I’ve been hoping that the Lord would use the blanket and the progression of making it would illustrate lessons to me. Boy, when you want the Lord to teach you, HE WILL!

My blanket is not even fully made and there have been many a day I’ve used it to cover my cold legs or shoulders. An oversized shawl if you will. Because of this, some squares have been stretched and the thread broke. So I have to go over those with more thread. Sewing it back in place and making it tighter.

Then there are the squares that are not even made. Deciding on the colors of yarn, the temptation to buy more, and whether or not there will be a pattern, and if so, what kind. Then investing the time in making the squares and then sewing them all together.

Clearly, it’s a process.

But a beautiful process.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 4.04.44 PM

I look at the blanket and I see so many memories. All the bright colors and how amazing it is to see the next set of squares get attached. Each layer makes the blanket become more of a blanket. I remember when I only had the first two rows, basically a long scarf. Adding the next two layers really made it start to look like a blanket. I was over the moon!

And then there is God.

How incredible and intricate is God’s plan and purpose for us?

A prick of conviction. We may want to stop walking forward in Christ, but we know there is a greater purpose and good. God disciplines those He loves. God has a love of no other. A love that fills us with understanding, knowledge, wisdom to discern, and above all a love we can give others through the Holy Spirit.

A walk. A purpose. A plan.

We do not always see what His plans are, especially in the moment when we struggle. We question everything and fight against doubt. Yet, as this beauty begins to unfold, we begin to feel more and more weight of His truth and assurance. The Hands forming us rest easy on our shoulders.

The storm is still there. The pain is still there. The fear lingers in the dark.

But He is with us.

The threads of our soul that tear away and break. The Refiner creates anew and gives us stronger bonds with His Holy Spirit.

And what is of God…never breaks.

(All pictures are mine, taken from my Instagram)

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 4.08.38 PM.png

Ponder Below:
Do you feel Him shaping you?

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19 thoughts on “God Is Crafting Me Like My Granny Square Blanket

  1. “And what is of God…never breaks.” ❤ wow! This right here! Amen! Yessssss! So true. I do feel Him shaping me. It is a very painful process I'm telling you. But it's worth it and it's all for the good of His plan & purpose in my life to be done and which has already been done in Jesus name. 🙂 blessings & more growth from the inside out in Christ! Amen.

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  2. “How incredible and intricate is God’s plan and purpose for us?”
    Oh so true! I am grateful that He continues working out His will to sanctify me and will, one day, bring me Home and restore me fully. 💜

    Liked by 2 people

  3. How lovely the colors of this project are! Crocheting is such a fun craft/hobby and I love your application. It’s definitely a work in progress, and I’m forever grateful for God’s patience with me as He weaves in all my loose ends! Much love!💖😍

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