Quotes From YOU | June ’19

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of hearing what people have to say about Jesus Christ and what it means to have a relationship with Him!

This is never to make anyone feel like you need to make this list. These are some quotes that spoke to me in June.

“After a week or so, I had enough. I felt that I had accomplished everything that God wanted me to do.. but that was not all. As a matter of fact, I was not finished. Instead, I got right back on my Xbox and I stopped reading my Bible, eventually.” Jim Shyu (Jim Shyu’s Christian Blog)

“I avoided breaking rules in order to maintain a good reputation for myself. It was all for the praise of my name, rather than the glory of God.” Emma (My Redemption For His Glory) 

“Oh, how I realize how short life is now. Time flies and I want to be sure I live life to the fullest but while remembering what its main purpose is. While finding the balance through each season that brings joy or sorrow – I want to love.” (Love. Joy. Balance)

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“We should learn to stand against the world and the ways of the world despite being apart of it.” Joshua (God’s Warrior)

“However, the Lord has taught me that it’s not about finding something new that feels right; it’s about making what He has given me to accomplish and overcome work in my life.” Maggie (Dreaming Of Guatemala)

“Until I repented of those things, they stood like a wall between me and God. Only when my relationship with him was restored did everything else in my life return to proper balance.” Meredith (My Way Home Life)

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“We, the people of God, are his church, for the church is not a building or an organization or a business of men, but it is a living organism made up of people, who are its living stones.” Sue (Run With It) 

“The spirit of political correctness has indeed invaded the body of Christ and it’s almost like it’s difficult to comment on anything without including a ‘safety’ caveat. I often tell people that we can’t be believers of Christ without studying His word.” Efua (Grace Over Pain) 

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14 thoughts on “Quotes From YOU | June ’19

  1. Thank you, T.R. Thank you for your love for God and for the body of Christ, including this Christian community here on WordPress. I really enjoy reading these various quotes and the writings behind them, as well. Thank you, too, for including “Run With It”, too. I appreciate that – all glory to God!

    Efua’s quote is the one that jumped out at me the most about a spirit of political correctness having invaded the church to the point that “it’s difficult to comment on anything without including a ‘safety’ caveat.” I so agree with what she said.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t realize until I was editing how both you and Efua shared similar messages. It just happened you two were right beside each other. God is good! I’m grateful for the community and what everyone does for His glory. So glad He speaks through His Bride.

      Liked by 1 person

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