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My Phone Is More Important Than God?

Updated: July 27th, 2021 (Maybe for you it's a kindle, laptop, tv, book, game, hobby, iPod, puzzle, newspaper, etc. It might even be family. Fill in the blank. You know where your priorities are.)  I just had it. Where did it go? Pillows get thrown onto the floor as my hand frantically searches across the… Continue reading My Phone Is More Important Than God?

My Life

Keep Writing The Book

Dear T. R, I've received your letter in which you shared your doubts. How this book is different than the past ones. It will be your fourth book, but first of the series. Yes, you've been working on forming the series since 2013, and it may feel like it's dragging. But do not forget everything… Continue reading Keep Writing The Book


Community Prayer Request | July ’19

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Why We Need To Pray- Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers Here are… Continue reading Community Prayer Request | July ’19


You Can’t Take A Person To The Deep End If They Haven’t Stepped In The Water

How can I reach others for Jesus Christ?  Are there topics I SHOULD talk about that the world struggles with? Am I "ashamed" of Christ if I do not talk about these sins . . . on social media? Evangelism in the modern age is beyond being in the streets. We have opportunities around the… Continue reading You Can’t Take A Person To The Deep End If They Haven’t Stepped In The Water