How To Interpret Dreams

When someone has a dream and wonders what it means, do they come to us or do we come to them? Where do we seek answers? I can't tell you the number of times someone has asked me what I think of their dream, and I do not pray first. It's tempting to jump in … Continue reading How To Interpret Dreams

Community Spotlight | July ’19

We still have a few weeks of summer left, but not much! There have been a lot of powerful posts these past months and July was no different! I hope you find a post that speaks to you and draws you closer to Jesus. NEW BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT (Sarah Mozingo)  - Submitting To Leadership- What do … Continue reading Community Spotlight | July ’19

A Good Ole Sunday Lunch | Christian Wife Life

Last week I turned 30, and I’m so grateful for all the kind wishes, blessings and prayers you all sent me. I greatly appreciate them. My mom and brother were able to visit me and my husband. We had a packed few days together. My birthday we went and saw the new Overcomer Christian movie. … Continue reading A Good Ole Sunday Lunch | Christian Wife Life

Birthday Break | I’m Turning 30!

Yes, I can't believe it, but I'm actually turning 30! I'll be celebrating my birthday soon with family and decided to take a little early break from posting. I'll resume Tuesday or so of next week. So today's post is just light (be prepared I will be discussing how to discern dreams and the warning … Continue reading Birthday Break | I’m Turning 30!

Quotes From YOU | July ’19

I can't believe it's August. I remember hoping for warmer weather. August is also my birthday month so as the years go by, I'm surprised more and more at becoming a year older. There are a lot of powerful quotes from last month's round of bloggers. I pray at least one speaks to you. "So … Continue reading Quotes From YOU | July ’19

How Is My Life Related To Eternity?

Everything we do and do not do affects our walk with Christ and eternity. The past few posts have been covering why it is important for Christians to blog about Christ. Do I Have To Talk About Jesus On Every Post? How Do I Talk About Christ More On My Blog? Are You Really A … Continue reading How Is My Life Related To Eternity?

Do I Have To Talk About Jesus On Every Post?

I'm extremely grateful many of you read the post Are You Really A Christian Blogger. It's clear this post attracted many readers, and I know it's not an easy one to read. I've since added this disclaimer. "I’m not saying if you do not talk about Christ in every post that’s wrong. What I’m saying … Continue reading Do I Have To Talk About Jesus On Every Post?