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When I first started reaching out to the community in 2017 it seemed really easy to keep up to date. I’m not sure exactly if it’s because I follow more people now, or what, but I feel stretched sometimes. The problem is…I get anxious about getting so behind…and the dread makes me want to walk away even more. 

Admittedly toward the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I certainly was getting burnt out on reading other blogs. But there were a few reasons for that.

1. I was trying to read everything everyone wrote. This created problems because I would spend at least 4 hours or more reading blogs DAILY! It became a “chore” and not something I enjoyed. The whole purpose of the community is to be able to flow freely and fellowship with other fellow bloggers. This is something we GET to do, not something we HAVE to do. 

2. I was reading…for a lot of selfish reasons. Please do not misunderstand, I did and do LOVE to read your work and hear how God is moving in your life. But last year God was really showing me how my heart was focused on stats. I would be upset at reading so many blogs and when bloggers stopped commenting on my blog, and only interacted with me on their blog…well, sadly, I took it personally. I was not humble about it.

Stepping away has helped me understand and have a better perspective. People get busy. People sometimes lose interest in our blogs, it’s okay. People, like me, have so many others they want to connect with, and we can’t do that every day, or with everyone. Besides, it’s not about me, it’s about Christ and you all. 

I’ve been broken free from this hold, and I hope what I am sharing can encourage you, too.

3. I HAD to break routine. In addition to reading for stats, I was realizing that keeping a consistent routine ALWAYS for the sake of numbers…so not Christlike. So some weeks I have held back on posting for one or two of my main days. These days allow me to get ahead with blogging for the next week and read a little bit more easily. But I had to cut off my routine of reading…because the routine sometimes was only to feel good about myself. I want to read and comment on other blogs to encourage YOU and show the love of Christ. Again, I don’t want it to be about me. 

A little thank you…

Recently, I’ve been working on adding more life application posts, as the community seemed interested in the topic, and…I’m grateful for the feedback you all have been sharing with me. The life applications posts HAVE been connecting to you, and I’m so thankful for that.

I know I discuss some pretty hefty posts for people, and I will not apologize for it. That’s the overall goal for Inside Cup. Clean out our inside heart for Jesus and draw closer to Him. However, God has been humbling me and showing me that there are multiple ways to talk about heavier topics. He’s also reminding me that even though I feel called to talk about the “meatier” topics of scripture, there are people who are on the milk.

Christ reached those who were ready for the meat, and those who were on the milk. And I want to follow His footsteps. So, I’m grateful my Christian Wife Life series has been connecting to you all. I’m glad that my letter for the single Christian girl has been positively received. I’m working on furthering these topics so you can be equipped.

Thank you all for your patience, your suggestions, and all of your support. I wish you so many blessings during this month and I hope that you continue to hear Christ through my pen ❤ This is all about Him and then you.

~T. R

Let Me Know
Spiritual warfare has been suggested, as well as more topics for the single Christian. (Don’t worry, more are coming!) Are there other topics, including wife or life topics that connect to being a Christian, that you would like discussed? 
Are there any topics for the Christian blogger you want touched on? If I’ve written about it already, I can leave a link for you.

20 thoughts on “Behind On Reading Your Posts…So Sorry! | God Is Working On Me

  1. Girl, I totally understand!! I’ve experienced a great many ups and downs in my interaction with the community – last year, I could barely read others posts because of what my family and I had going on. More recently, however, I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with people! 🙂 Reading posts is very time-consuming, though, and if I’m not careful, I’ll find myself reading posts for the sole purpose of encouraging them to come back to mine. The Lord has really been teaching me how to read blogs and comment to bless others, not to lead them to my posts, which has been a huge lesson for me to learn, but I have benefitted from it greatly! 🥰

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    1. It can be really hard! I know when I get stressed and things feel like they are falling apart, it’s hard to see how the world goes on with everyone else. At least, that’s how it felt at first when I heard the news my grandma had cancer. (Last radiation treatment is over with, and she’s doing well! God is good!) I understand the numb feeling or the struggle.

      I’m grateful for the lesson to learn to make it about Him and others. It’s hard! But it’s worth it. I’m learning submission and surrendering come in all forms to Him, blogging included ❤

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      1. Same here!! That’s been a huge struggle of mine, which the Lord has been working on in me. ❤ I’m so glad she’s doing well!

        Blogging is certainly included. It’s amazing to me how many times He’s used blogging-related things to teach me something! 🙂

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  2. Sis, thanks for your transparency. I have caught myself in the ‘reading to be liked’ pit often. And I still do sometimes. But now that I recognise the signs I quickly repent. The whole blogging thing takes time. I went from posting everyday 2 years ago to posting 4 times a week last year. This year I have been on twice a week and sometimes I still struggle to keep up because of everything else I have going on. I have learnt to tell myself it is ok not to read every single blog on my feed because if I was to do that, my kids, my job and other areas of ministry will suffer. God sees your heart and your desire to reach out. And you are doing amazingly well. It’s ok to catch your breath and go according to the pace the Holy Spirit is leading you❤️

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    1. I’m so thankful for the growth alone from last year and being more okay to let go. It was hard at first but a lot easier now. And I’m glad when I can catch up with others 🙂 You’re right, family goes before blogging and Christ needs to be our reason. God be with you, sis!

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  3. I must I admit I had been there but God had to teach me a good few lessons about that and now I barely read other blog posts. I said I’ll be only reading 10 posts a day from individual blogs to reach out to the lost and those who truly need encouragement. That’s what I visit other sites for and also for me to be encouraged by what God has written through them. God is working on us all and that’s a very good thing. 🙂 So don’t worry about not keeping up. As you said it’s not about you, it’s about Christ. And this we all must continue to remind ourselves of daily, cause the temptations are very real. Blessings & grace.

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    1. The lessons in letting go on focusing on self are powerful and God continues to show me how easily the love of flesh tries to take the spotlight. But I’m glad for the lessons and grateful for the reminder to step back and know who I really need to look at. Christ and then others ❤ Absolutely, the tempations are very real.

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  4. Totally get this! I simply don’t have time to read all the posts of all the bloggers I love AND be obedient to the Lord. Do what you can, don’t stress about what you can’t. In John 17:4 in Jesus’s prayer for His disciples just before the trial and the cross, He didn’t pray that He’d finished all the work that there was to be done, but that He’d accomplished the work the Father had given Him to do. I keep that in mind when I feel guilty about what I can’t do… ❤ ❤

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  5. Not to worry, dear TR! You have so many followers and you also follow so many…It’s an awful lot to keep up with and you are just one person. We all get that… so please know that we love you and understand if we don’t always here from you. 💜💜

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  6. The blogging life certainly comes with its own unique twists. Our intentions are good, but we struggle to keep up, get overwhelmed, and find ourselves wandering, discontented. Thanks for your honesty and openness in sharing your personal experiences. Keep blogging!

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  7. Agree with what other commenters are saying. I also relate to spending so much time reading blogs and getting burnt out; it really is time-consuming. [Which is part of the beauty of being connected in other ways like IG]

    It got to the point where I could hardly remember everything I read that day because my brain was overloaded. I’m now trying to focus on quality over quantity–better to read a few posts and really absorb them and leave thoughtful comments vs. quickly scanning and hitting the star button on 20-30 posts per day. I struggle with stat idolization, too, but I’m working on that!

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    1. I’ve has to do things cold turkey, like walk away a few days. The first time I went a week without commenting, man, I struggled but I knew that just showed me there was an issue. One of the best things is being aware. I had to surrender a lot and change my perspective on stats but it has helped so much. 🙂

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