Do You Have A Blogger Button & Are A Christian Blogger?

(Please look at all requirements, especially about commenting your website!)

I’m late to the game when it comes to making blogger buttons but what I’ve learned is back in the day blog buttons were a HUGE deal. People could advertise other bloggers on their site with a blogger button. Basically, an image that was hyperlinked to the blogger’s blog.

Blogger buttons aren’t as focused on now, but many bloggers still uphold making buttons and “swapping” with others.

Recently I had a fellow blogger reach out and ask if I had a button so she and I could swap. I have never done blogger buttons on my site, mainly because I use the free version and not sure how to add buttons to my sidebar (if I can). But what I CAN for sure do is have a page dedicated to Christian bloggers for people to check out.

And you can advertise, too! All you have to do to hyperlink an image in a post/page is simply highlight your image that you want to hyperlink and then click on the clip in your toolbar. Copy and paste the website you want your image to connect to, and there you go!

For the occasion, I made my own button (and hyperlinked it to my blog).Inside Cup

Requirements To Be Featured:

  • You must be a Christian Blogger – NOT A CHRISTIAN WHO BLOGS! Your blog must mainly be focused on content for Christians and be about Christ.  If it is not evident by your blog alone that you are a Christian blogger, your blog will not be featured.
  • You must have at least 10 posts written – Before you go all out and make ways to advertise your blog, make sure you have posts on your blog to advertise first.
  • You must have CURRENT posts focused on Christian topics– Sometimes people will occasionally post about being a Christian or have a Christian topic, this does not mean you are a Christian blogger. Maybe you were in the past, but if your blog has changed in topics, it does not mean you are currently.
  • You must keep an active blog for the blog button to remain being featured – If your blog is inactive for two or more months your blog button will be taken down.
  • COMMENT YOUR WEBSITE! YOU WILL NOT BE FEATURED IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT YOUR WEBSITE URL!!! – Not everyone has the current website listed under their account, especially if they have an old blog. I’ve struggled with a few bloggers trying to advertise them in my posts because they did not give me their current links and the blog names under their name were invalid. If you do not know what your website is go to your main blog’s homepage, and copy the URL.
  • Share your button or logo – If you have a button you want to be used please let me know where it is on your site. If you prefer your logo let me know.

That’s all!

Rules are subject to change at any time. Most likely, there will be some who think they fit criteria, and they do not. Talking about “religious” or “spiritual” topics does not make you a Christian blogger. 

~T. R. Noble


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