God’s Name In Vain | Christian Blogger Challenge

On my blog, the word CONVICTION is no stranger.

I felt compelled to create a Christian Blogger Challenge to show and remind us how easy it is for us to be desensitized because of serving our flesh.

It’s not going to be an easy challenge should you take it up, and no, it’s not going to be fun. But if you are honest with yourself and with God, I think this challenge could help open some eyes and draw us closer to Christ.

Inspiration Behind Challenge– God showed me last year how much of my media was against Him. How deeply attached I was to entertainment and unwholesome talk/fun all because I liked it. How selfish I was at pleasing myself with things that clearly God was against. There were, and are, no excuses. It didn’t matter to me if God was being sinned against, all that matter is if I was being satisfied with what I exposed myself to.

There are a lot of lukewarm Christians. People refuse to admit how desensitized these things make us. So many complain about not knowing Jesus or having a good relationship with Him. He will have no part in darkness. God doesn’t care if we think certain sins others make are “small.”

Any form of Hellfire will burn us.

THE CHALLENGE– I want you to purposely be aware of everything you watch, listen to, read and then blog about it. The amount of time you do this could be a day or a week. It’s entirely up to you. (And I hope by the end of it, you are convicted to change what you expose yourself to because you love God more.) 

Every time someone takes God’s name in vain. BE AWARE! Keep a checklist. Ask yourself why are you watching that person? How does the book, movie, game, video, whatever, give glory to God? If it doesn’t, why are you exposing yourself to it?

How does God feel about His name being taken in vain? What does scripture say? Are you willing to stop yourself from watching it for God? Can you stop giving your attention to someone/something that is NOT giving God glory? This is all about Him. Not us.

This isn’t about whether or not God’s name being taken in vain effects you. Here’s the thing. IT IS A SIN! PERIOD! There is no debate. It is a commandment not to take His name in vain. We live in a world that doesn’t blink at this commandment, including believers. We may not break it ourselves, but we certainly tolerate it. God will NOT TOLERATE us tolerating sin, just to be clear.

Think about those you are close to, and how if you heard someone talking bad about them, how would you react? Keep this in mind. Why do we act numb when God is being attacked in vain when He is supposed to be number one in our lives?

Hearing the Lord’s name being taken in vain SHOULD affect us. It should stop us in our tracks and make us ask why we are listening to someone who doesn’t care to show reverence to God? Do we show reverence to God in what we listen to and watch? 

I want you during this challenge to be aware of how easy it is to please the flesh. Ask yourself if you could completely give up what you were listening to or reading (MEANING FOR GOOD), how would that make you feel? You might be surprised at those feelings all because you like comedy, being entertained, seeing someone’s creative ideas, etc. You might find yourself coming up with all the excuses in the world to keep watching it. Hold yourself accountable. What most of the world considers wholesome, you might become shocked to see that in God’s eyes, it isn’t.

This is what I experienced and at the end of it, I had to admit I was desensitized. I allowed myself to please my ears with the flesh, instead of God being respected. Instead of being exposed to the light, I was being exposed to darkness.

Should you take up the challenge, please link this blog post so I can see all of your posts and experiences.

I may make a series out of these challenges to help expose the truth of being desensitized to our media. 

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