How Do I Talk About Christ More On My Blog?

When I started blogging, even up to a few months ago, I really didn’t understand how people could weave in scripture with their life posts so well. What mystical powers were they secretly wielding?

If my life story had Christ originally part of it I would share it on my blog. But things like crocheting my granny square blanket, cooking, cleaning, etc. I left for my second blog. I thought the two had to be separated.

If I wasn’t talking about Christ, it needed to go to my second blog. This actually became a problem for me because one part would be all about Christ, and then another part wouldn’t.

Yesterday’s post was a huge topic that touched on this.

Post | Are You Really A Christian Blogger? 

Challenging ourselves to really examine our heart and our blog. Who are we blogging for? Why? How can Christ have the spotlight in our blog?

By the way, thanks to anyone who looked at the post. It’s not an easy one, and I’m thankful for anyone who took time to just hear what I had to say. It’s all about God, not us. 

You do not have to have a “stereotypical” devotional to talk about Jesus.

Christ in action and word always made it about the love of God. He is our example and we need to follow His footsteps, not just say we are. I want to encourage you with the limitless amount of ways to include Christ and scripture on your blog.

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1. Have A Scripture At The End Or Beginning 

This is especially for those of us who aren’t sure how to incorporate Christ at first. Look at your material and go through scripture. Find a scripture or two or three (it’s up to you) that reflect your post.

It’s especially helpful if you find a scripture that you can wrap your entire post around. This will help you work on applying life posts to scripture.

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2. Life Application 

These posts confused me. How could I talk about something in my daily life that may not have Christ in it? For clarity, I’m not saying you always have to say the name of Christ in your blog. But why wouldn’t you want to? I want to place many crowns at His feet, and speaking His name often in my blog is one way. I don’t want Him hidden. I don’t want Christ to only be seen “in me.” I want Him to be standing right beside me, not just in my spirit.

Well, God gave me a simple answer. “Just ask.” Prayer.

If I’m not looking for Christ in my daily life, I’m not going to find Him. We find Him when we seek Him. Some of you may be familiar when I wrote these posts.

My Sinful Dirty Towel

Or my struggle of feeling compared.

“That’s Trashy!” – Sorry, I Don’t Live In A Catalog

God showed me if I was struggling with something, I can share with others how that applies to being a Christian. If I am doing a daily everyday task in life, God showed me it’s the perfect time to pray and talk to Him because He WILL show me how it connects to Him.

There will be moments in our life it will be clear, “This is a message I can share on my blog.” But I challenge you as you go through daily tasks in your life to seek God and ask Him to illustrate His truth to you. He loves riddles! That’s why He gave us parables, not only in the New Testament but Old, too!

God is amazing!

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3. Are You A Mom, Wife, Teacher, Gardener, Child, Teen, Singer, Etc

Following life applications, this one digs a little deeper. Whoever we are there is a circle of people who relate to that position or status. There is a ministry, an opportunity to break bread and thank God. Scriptures about marriage, women of faith, kids, seeds, fear, anxiety, men of faith, etc. etc. etc. Anything we want to talk about on our blog has some tie somewhere in the Bible.

Yes, it might take a little bit of research, but we are told the word of God is how we live, not on bread alone. I find when I look at scripture for posts I am ministered to because in trying to point others to Christ in a post, we also have the message of the post speaking to us and pushing us to turn to Christ. It keeps us heavily accountable as well.

If we have talents in the arts, give a portion of those talents to the Lord. Paint for Him. Sing for Him. Draw for Him. Create for Him. Share your photos! Then show people, talk about Jesus, scripture. It’s powerful, and it helps us stay humble instead of puffed up about the talents we were given.

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4. What Christian Issues Do Others Struggle With? 

Talk to your audience. Seek out questions that follow what your blog discusses. Ask family or friends. Sometimes we need to seek inspiration and understanding elsewhere. Pray about it. Look at scripture. Go online. What are people struggling with as a Christian or even a nonbeliever regarding Christ that you can discuss on your blog?

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5. Music. Sermons. Books. Podcasts. Other Posts. 

Share with your community things that draw you close to God. Put the spotlight on others in doing so, too. It’s a great way to support other bloggers especially.

There are so many ways big and small to start to draw closer to Christ and to encourage others to draw closer to Christ on your blog. Look at your schedule, and aim for one post a week or a month if it is really new. But gradually work on more because before we serve ourselves, our audience, it needs to be about Him. The more we do not talk about Him the more comfortable we get not talking about Him, and that’s not good.

Strive for Him every day. Encourage others with His truth!

Comment Below:
Do you have suggestions on how to incorporate Christ, scripture, and Christian topics more?

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13 thoughts on “How Do I Talk About Christ More On My Blog?

  1. Thank you for the post. Good insight. Like you I am new to this blogging thing. I am not sure how God does it but He led us to write and we are compelled to follow. As fiercely private people blogging was certainly not my choice but an act of obedience.

    You bring up some compelling points about blogging that we can appreciate. Your point of incorporating our walk with Jesus into blog posts I found interesting. Maybe for the wrong reason. You shared how you kept two blogs for your two different worlds. I had a hard time wrapping my head around that one. The reason for this is that there isn’t a single thing we do here where Jesus isn’t an integral part of our lives. Not being religious here, just real. You see our family has finished coming through a bit of an ‘ordeal’. Needless to say, going through that forced us to grow so close to Jesus in intimacy that He is literally ingrained in the very fabric of our lives. So when you wrote that you would have two different kinds of posts, I had to wonder, how is that even possible? 🙂

    When we write our posts Jesus is in every word even if we don’t use scripture or His name (which would be impossible I think). He flows from the fiber of our beings into every keystroke. That is just the way it is for us. Hard to be otherwise now. I know that what we have learned will not appeal to many but for others it may be the spirit stirs in them a desire or passion for Jesus that will just burn right through them. Or not. Every one has choice, don’t they? So we write. Maybe for no one, maybe for that special someone that God is drawing closer to Himself. We cannot tell but we are compelled to share what He has taken us through and His great love.

    Thank you again for the blog, your honesty and openness. Humility is refreshing to see and we encourage you to keep writing.

    Homer Les

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree that Jesus can be in us without speaking, but especially on a blog I want people to know exactly why I strive for patience and humility and that is Jesus Christ. My second blog I didn’t speak His name as often and this is something I strive for. And I encourage all bloggers who are followers of Christ to speak His name and to be more open about Jesus becuase others may have no idea. We may know who He is, but if we are not speaking about Him on our blogs, people may not. That’s why I’m encouraging others.

      I’ve been blogging for three years and still find things new, which is awesome! He provides us so many opportunities. I want people not only to see His example in my words, but know Him and know it is Christ who lives in me.

      Thanks for sharing!


  2. I really like writing about whatever I’m thinking/wrestling with most at the time. It actually helps to refocus me on what God says about the topic… In a way, it can be a little therapeutic.
    So glad that you are passionate about calling other Christian bloggers to a higher standard, T.R.! I enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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