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Last week I turned 30, and I’m so grateful for all the kind wishes, blessings and prayers you all sent me. I greatly appreciate them. My mom and brother were able to visit me and my husband. We had a packed few days together.

My birthday we went and saw the new Overcomer Christian movie. It was a blessing because the theater is at this really cool mall, and we had a couple hours to spare, so after going through one or two shops, we settled in these chairs at this outdoor park. It has Koi fish you can feed in this pond! Which, yes, my brother and I, being the adult children we are, got quarters from our mom to throw fish food. Being 30 doesn’t change anything. It was nice to just sit outside with a nice breeze. I had been wanting to do this at our balcony, but this place was nicer, and had Koi fish!

The next day, we found this canal town that reminded me a lot of the town I grew up in. Lots of local shops and tons of local artwork was featured in the shops, which was fascinating!

We even found this really sweet park that had benches right in front of a river. It was so beautiful!



Then later we spent the day playing games together like Jenga (the wooden tower game) and Uno. It was really fun!

The last day was quieter. My mom and I went to Walmart to get a few things, and when we came back, as a hostess, I started to make my brother’s recipe that he wanted for lunch.

It’s called, “Crack Chicken” and if I find the recipe I’ll link it here. (I’ll ask my brother in the meantime).

Overall, it’s really simple to make. It takes chicken tenders, you put your chicken in a bag with flour, and coat it. Then you place your flour-coated chicken in a bowl of egg wash. Once that is covered you dip your chicken pieces into a bowl of panko bread crumbs. Then season, and toss in the oven for about 20-25 minutes.

There were only a few problems.

First, instead of tenders, we had chicken tenderloin. Now, my mom, of course, offered to help me multiple times, but I’m a person that likes to serve others. Inherited it from her and my grandma. Plus, since she was driving back later that day, thought it would be nice for her to just relax, as she tends to be the family cook for a lot of other things.

So those tenderloins…

I had to slice them in half, and then I had to half my halves. By the end of it, they looked a little more like chicken nuggets than tenders, but who cares!

Prep time I think was suppose to be maybe 15 minutes.

*Rolls on floor laughing.

Oh, I almost forgot! *phone alarm goes off* Um… *forgets* 

Oh, it’s back! Okay, so the recipe also called for two pounds of chicken. We had over two and a half pounds of chicken. I had to double my egg wash and my bread crumbs by the end of it, as I ran out, haha!

My brother and mom originally were looking for rice to pair with the dish, didn’t find what they were looking for. So, they settled on a parmesan couscous. Now, I like couscous. But I’m positive between my family and one of my sisters in Christ I was asked four times, what does it taste like? Is it like rice?

*Shakes head* Yes, yes it is like rice. It’s a type of grain. “It’s good for you, just eat it!” Haha!

I think I cut and dipped chicken for about an hour if not a little more. Once the chicken was in the oven, I still had to make the sauce and the couscous. But everything got done pretty much around the same time. And I’m not complaining, it was nice to have more people here than just me and my husband. (Also made me wonder how you families of four or more do it every day, wow!) 

It was nice looking over and seeing my husband, brother, and mom in the living room. We only see family a few times a year because of where we live. 

The previous night I left out the card table we had just in case we played more games, but it was the perfect table to put all the food on. Chicken, couscous, chips, cheese, and trail. *Did I mention we’re from Ohio? Cheese and trail is a big deal in Amish country.

This was before I put the barbeque sauce on

Staring at the table just made me thankful. It reminded me of when I was younger and mom would make chicken dishes on Sundays. Of the stereotypical Sunday dinners with families and friends after church, ones we no longer really cherish in our world.

We live in such a busy world everything is fast-paced. We want goals met now. We desire to be into next week instead of today. Families get pushed aside. Taking things slow instead of becoming a beautiful memory becomes a bitter one.

When I was a teen and in my early 20s, I needed my independence. I needed to branch out. God provided that for me. I had to move out to be able to appreciate the time of being together. But it is a two-edged sword. The older you get the faster life goes. Time slips through our fingers.

I wish more people would take the country roads. Make adventures out of detours or just go out to get ice cream or “pop” (Ohio’s term for soda, Coke, etc). In my dad’s case, we would go out to get some eggrolls.

We need more Sunday dinners and sit-downs. Appreciate the environment around us, and not try to rush through everything. We need more people around a card table playing games. Socializing. Actually listening and looking at each other in the face. Not a screen. Not a picture. If possible, not a text.

God gave us the ability and opportunities to make memories and hold onto them. He wants us to live out His love for each other. We can’t do that unless we actually are living in the moment. That was something I felt on my heart all day my birthday and the days my family visited. “Breathe in this moment, it will not last. Be thankful.” 

We are only given so much time, do not take it for granted.

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Have you had a Sunday dinner with family recently?

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15 thoughts on “A Good Ole Sunday Lunch | Christian Wife Life

    1. They are important and I agree I have many memories around a dinner table, food or not on the table. Lots of chats and games. Cooking is such a special way to bless others and I’m glad your family is blessed by you, Meredith! God bless you greatly! ❤

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    1. Haha, yes! The meal took a lot of little obstacles but turned out good. I forgot to mention, my brother wanted to DOUBLE the recipe. I just laughed at him, haha! He had no idea what we had would make that much.

      Sounds lovely!!! ❤ I hope you have a family Sunday dinner soon!

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