Community Spotlight | July ’19

We still have a few weeks of summer left, but not much! There have been a lot of powerful posts these past months and July was no different! I hope you find a post that speaks to you and draws you closer to Jesus.

NEW BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT (Sarah Mozingo)  – Submitting To Leadership– What do you do when church leaders approach you with something that could possibly take away an opportunity? Sarah shares a moment in which she had a picture on Instagram and was asked to take it down. I really appreciate how Sarah discusses her initial reactions of the flesh and then how she shows submission and explains what that means regarding church authorities, in scripture.

(Olivia In Bolivia) Olivia- The Gate Of Life – Love how Olivia shares all of the “lasts” she is going through as she prepares for Bolivia. She says this is like she is dying to the current life and preparing for the new one. Which is a perfect correlation to sin and dying to the old flesh.

Behold My God! – Olivia shares many people are astounded that she has taken up the call to be a teacher in Bolivia. But Olivia rightly points out in her post that it not her having this “great faith” but the Lord who sustains her and deserves the ultimate glory and admiration.

(Create In Me) Faye – Some Things On God’s Creation Of Animals– Faye shares a really heartfelt post on animals, especially her dog, Greg. She discusses a quote from C.S. Lewis and how that helped her be okay with loving pets even though their time is a lot shorter than ours.

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(Dreaming Of Guatemala) Maggie – The Lord Rescued Me From Darkness – I love how Maggie opened up to sharing her hardship. I think a lot of us sometimes get stuck on relying on ourselves and we struggle to turn over things to God. Maggie shares how God and only God can take away our struggles and help us lean on Him.

(Love Joy Balance)Be Careful…– I love the reminder that the children’s song of being careful follows into being an adult, too. Everything we do or do not do affects us and our walk with Christ.

(Sharing And Spreading The Knowledge And Uncontainable Love Of Christ) Rosario – Are You Religous – I love how she unashamedly points out how the world has made God “religious” and Christians becoming religious. But we are made to be set apart!

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(Grace Over Pain) Efua – Temptation | Bible Study – Temptation is always a topic to go over and learn about again and again. It is something we deal with on a daily basis. Not only with actions, but thoughts, too. Efua is wonderful at defining temptation. Going through multiple scriptures of temptation, including Christ’s temptation. She also points out times in our lives when we are most often likely to be hit with temptation, something we often do not think about.

(Run With It) Sue – Struggle Against Sin– I love how Sue encourages readers to understand the truth of scripture and how all good things come from God, including faith. She explains how we must surrender all over to God and how for many people they may not realize they are not surrendering out of deception, but others are aware. We cannot live a false faith. A walk with Jesus requires submission.

(The Crafty Afro) EJ – Building A Firm Foundation: Biblical Fasting – If you are looking for a thorough explanation and ways you can fast, this is it! I love how EJ points out, if we are not drawing close to God that does not mean we are fasting Biblically, we are just dieting.

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