Longer Life & Better Health

The secret to youth and life found in scripture? I never realized scripture talks about the state of our spiritual walk and how that affects our health. Today's Reading | Ch. 3 of Proverbs  Health, Relationship With God Scripture says keeping the law and commandments can lengthen our days and life, as well as add … Continue reading Longer Life & Better Health

This Is NOT A Drill… Technical Difficulties

So... My laptop of almost nine years has started to have an issue. Basically, it will not fully load the starting screen and will shut off. I've tried: Recovery Mode (Verify & Repair over and over) Single User Mode (brings back the nightmare of computer coding) Taken Out The Battery & Placed Back Continued prayers … Continue reading This Is NOT A Drill… Technical Difficulties

We’re Running Out Of Time, Christians

"But I'm not ready to leave. I have so many things on earth I want to accomplish and do first." This is the sentiment a friend has brought up a number of times in our discussions. We both really enjoy talking about scripture, and my particular interest in the end of times. In the past, … Continue reading We’re Running Out Of Time, Christians

“Where Then Do You Get That Living Water?”

I've put off continuing the Gospel Journey, mainly because there is a lot of information and trying to figure out the "best" way to somewhat share a chronological story of Christ. Obviously, I'm not going to be perfect. Please bear with me. (I somewhat dread reaching 1 & 2 Chronicles, haha!)  Regardless, it truly is fascinating … Continue reading “Where Then Do You Get That Living Water?”

Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

I just published the Community Blogger Buttons. Currently, I only have a couple of bloggers advertised. If you are a Christian blogger (meaning most of your blog is focused on Christ) and you have a blogger button OR logo please feel free to share on the button page. I do not have a lot of … Continue reading Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

Can People Have Different Convictions?

This is a topic that definitely has been discussed multiple times in my comments and by other bloggers. Growing up in the church, I truly was of the mindset that people will get convicted differently. Today, I still think there are somethings that people will be convicted of differently, but it is not what a … Continue reading Can People Have Different Convictions?

Too Much Peppermint | Christian Wife Life

It was two in the morning. I hadn't been feeling well in and out of the day, and the pain was coming back again. But it was our anniversary. Our sixth year of being married and fourteenth year of being together. Anniversaries are kinda special to us. I still have some of the dried flowers … Continue reading Too Much Peppermint | Christian Wife Life

Forsaking The Assembly OUTSIDE Of Church

Clears throat, ahem. I AM NOT AGAINST GOING TO CHURCH! I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH CHURCH ITSELF! Post | Why I Have Posts Warning Against Church *sips water It doesn't matter how many times I say this, there often is a defense in the comments why going to church is good. It is! … Continue reading Forsaking The Assembly OUTSIDE Of Church

Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

Finger-pointing at church is hypocrisy at its best and it consumes everyone involved. As I write a more in-depth post on church for tomorrow, I couldn't help but share this piece that didn't fit the post.  We often use a church building, a singular place of gathering, as a crutch. We sometimes isolate ourselves from … Continue reading Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

Season Of Trial In My Life

My husband was getting out of the military and we were in a different state, at the time, we had to figure out where to go from there. So many factors went against us relating to time. We didn't get paperwork back from a leader until the very last minute. We had to sign papers … Continue reading Season Of Trial In My Life