Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

Dreams carry significance as well as cryptic confusion. The Bible is clear that dreams have been used by God. (See: Why Are Dreams Used By God)

However, as I stated in How To Interpret Dreams we need to go to God first before we interpret and we need to understand that dreams may not be what we think they are.

Warnings About Dream Interpretation

1. Not All Dreams Are Affirming  

We desire validation and assurance. It’s tempting to look at dreams and then see what we want to see. Maybe in real life, we want to be a writer, and then we dream our writing is so successful we won’t have to do anything else. So we take this dream very seriously and use it to comfort us.

Maybe we have a dream about an answered prayer or an affirmation we believe is related to God’s calling. That doesn’t actually mean it is. We must go to God in prayer and seek scripture as well.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.18.16 PM.png

2. Not All Dreams Are Directed To The Individuals

When I first started sharing my dreams I had a blogger suggest to me that perhaps my dreams were not solely about me but could be directed at fellow believers or the world. Stubbornly, I thought my dreams were only about me.

However, as time went on, and I drew closer to Christ, I started seeing how some of my dreams were directed at the body of Christ.

End of Time dreams often is for the Bride. If we have these kinds of dreams, we should see parallels to scripture regarding the same warnings the Bible tells us. 

You see can this in this dream I had below.

Fallen Believers & “Messiah” In The Clouds – The Dream

My Dream -What Does It Mean For Christians?

I noticed the more I shared dreams, which reflected the body of Christ, the Bride, my commenters were still solely focused on how the dream related to me. Which often went against the interpretation I shared for the body. People were missing the big picture and how the dream’s warning applied to them, too.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.18.57 PM.png

3. Just Because We Think We Can Interpret For Someone Doesn’t Mean We Should

Are they asking for interpretation?

I’ve had some pretty personal assumptions made about me and questions asked all because I shared a dream.

It is important to be aware and understand, like me, if you do share dreams on a public post people may feel inclined to interpret for you. The response can sometimes be difficult, so we need to be prepared and also humbled that people care enough to try to help. God may very well use someone to speak to us.

I’m been guilty of getting personal and making assumptions, too.  

What I try to do now with dreams shared publicly is different than what I do with personal and private dreams shared with me. Public post means public response, it shouldn’t be personal unless requested. Go to scripture. Pray (which I have to work on), and then share how someone’s dream connects to scripture. This is not necessarily about interpretation. Rather, encouraging the sharer and readers to go to scripture. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.19.56 PM.png

I have to remind myself that I am not a dream therapist. If I do not know the individual, I do not have a right to try to dig into their life story. It may be off-putting, and at worst, turn them against Christ because I tried to analyze their life without them asking for help. I may, unintentionally, be nosey in a really hurtful way.

As I said dreams often cause us to become curious, we desire to learn more, often about the person (not scripture). This can be problematic. People share dreams for many reasons. Wanting an interpretation is only one reason, and one, unfortunately, we tend to jump to.

When we have more personal and private requests in which someone shares a dream, then, and only then, I think it is okay to ask more personal questions should God lead us to. But we need to be very careful, mindful, and gentle.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.21.09 PM.png

4. Did God REALLY Give Us The Dream/Interpretation

As shared in my first post, it’s crucial we do not say, “God gave me this dream,” or, “God gave me this interpretation,” unless, we are absolutely sure. There are things in my dreams I know God can use to point to Him. Does that mean He gave me the entire dream specifically? Maybe not. I do not want to mislead people.

There are people who will lie completely about dreams, yes, they will make the whole thing up. There are people who will have an actual dream, claim it is from God, and it will not be.

5. Do Not Be Worldly

The most important thing about dreams and dream interpretation is pointing others and ourselves to the truth of Jesus Christ and scripture. We are told not to take away and not to add in Revelation. Whatever claims. Whatever symbolism or parallels we see better be backed up with scripture before anything else.

We need to always point to Jesus.

Having a dream with supernatural themes of the end of times and the Anti Christ with no other claims in scripture is not helpful. We do not want people to be drawn to the discussion of dreams out of pure curiosity regarding the supernatural. Even if they come for those reasons, they better leave with the truth of Jesus, and it better be clear this is all about Him! 

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.22.50 PM.png

If we are going to interpret people’s dreams then we better encourage them to get closer to God. We are accountable to our example! We better be seeking Him first in all ways before even thinking about writing or opening our mouths! I am convicted of this!

When we think of dreams, spiritual discernment, and how we need to go to God for guidance, I want you to think of Daniel or John and their visions. There was a grave seriousness related to the material. If those men acted the way many of us do relating to our dreams and others, they may not have received the interpretation they did.

If we seek God half-heartedly or not at all, we will never receive full meaning. Either for ourselves or for others.

Comment Below:
Have you ever had a time you did not go to God first?

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6 thoughts on “Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

  1. For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are among you deceive you, and do not listen to the dreams that they dream, for it is a lie that they are prophesying to you in my name; I did not send them, declares the Lord .
    Jeremiah 29:8‭-‬9 ESV

    Sadly I think a lot of “Christian dreams” come under this category 😦

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Amen. Sadly, a lot of people treat dreams, and God’s Word, like horoscopes. God has revealed what we need to know about the return of Christ, but I fear that most of what passes as Biblical visions today aren’t necessarily of God.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Scripture is clear. We are not to turn to idols and we are not to add or take away any part of God’s word. If people only looked and pointed to God and His word first before putting any “affirmation” before Him. I think dreams can be used as warnings and occasionally encouragement but only when we can point to the Lord and what He says first. Yes, you’re right, people use them similarly to horoscopes.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This post was beneficial; I dream a lot, and many times I know some of my dreams are from God, but I don’t understand them. I am guilty of reading dream symbols and purchasing books on dreams. Thanks for helping me realize I should seek God for the interpretation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I was writing this post I remembered that I had a book of dream symbolism in my bookshelf still. I threw it away. God’s meaning can be vastly different than the world. The best thing I recommend is turning to scripture and looking up words that stood out in your dream and see what scripture says about those things, alongside praying!!! So glad this post spoke to you!!!!


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