Community Spotlight | August ’19

Well, fall is starting to step into the month here. I’m seeing a couple of leaves already start to change colors. Another community spotlight has rolled around. These are some posts I found that I really enjoyed.


(Virtuous Women)Fearfully And Wonderfully Made – I really appreciate the honesty we women sometimes have when we look in the mirror. When we struggle with our appearance, absolutely, as she encourages, we need to go to scripture and remind ourselves what the King thinks of us!

(Great Is God’s Faithfulness) DeborahMarie- How To Apply Your Hands To God’s Plans – Sometimes God calls us to do things we aren’t sure of. Deborah carefully reminds us of Noah and how God supplied everything. God will do the same for us, but we must be willing. She also shares a list of suggestions on how to listen better on what God is directing us to.

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Meredith’s blog this past month really spoke to me. 

(My Way Home Life) – Meredith – Illogical Idols – The Biblical story of which a king started out godly, but then decided to serve other gods. Meredith poses the question. We can look at the king and wonder why, but do we not do the same? She brought up bowing to the fear of what others will think of us. I certainly have been concerned over the judgements of others.

Providential Pruning– Bearing fruit is a common theme in scripture, and I love how Meredith digs into it.

Seeking God In Loneliness– Meredith brings up something she and her daughter noticed over the summer. How at some time during the day there was a lag in energy. Apparently, it’s quite normal, and ever since reading this post, I’ve never forgotten it.

Bible Vitamins – Meredith shares how scripture is like taking vitamins and the results that happen over time.

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(La Petit Muse) Diana – Be A Pineapple – I just love how positive Diana’s post is and how she connects a pineapple to being a Christian.

(Sharing And Spreading The Knowledge And Uncontainable Love Of Christ!) Rosario –  Who Or What Is Positioning You? – I really appreciate how she takes one scripture of how strong a planted tree is and how that relates to a walk with God. What it means exactly.

(Run With It) Sue – Keeping Faith – Sue’s blog is perfect for new believers because she always makes sure people know the truth of the Gospel. But her blog posts are GREAT reminders for seasoned believers as well. We can never get enough of the truth. There are lot of different things she covers in this post I think we all need to be reminded of.

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(God’s Whispers Of Truth) Vivan – We Will Praise–  It is easy to praise God in the good but what are we doing in the hard times? Vivian explores this very question.

(Becoming HIS Tapestry) Brenda- Steps To Loving The Unloveable– Brenda lovingly shares way we can remind ourselves why we are to love all of God’s people, even those we struggle with.

(All You Need Is Jesus) – LeighYes, I’m A Christian And I’m Bipolar – Really appreciate Leigh sharing what it is like to Christian and be bipolar.

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(The Crafty Afro) EJ- 12 Pieces Of Marriage Advice From 12 Years Of Marriage – LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Each piece of advice is well thought out and truly important in marriage! This is great for single Christians as well!

(Loved By The King Of Kings) Ruth – Following Jesus vs. Following The Crowd– Ruth points out things about the story of the dead girl that Jesus brought back to life and the crowd that laughed at Christ. I had never noticed these things before, and Ruth hadn’t either, until one day, the story was placed in a new light before her very eyes.

Keep writing for Him, everyone!

Which post spoke to you? 

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) Colossians 1:11, “being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience.”

Community Prayer Requests | September– Join us in requesting prayer, praying for each other and lifting each other up. 

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10 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | August ’19

  1. T.R. Thank you for including “Run With It” in your community spotlight. But, may I add a little on to what you shared? I believe God has me write what he has me write each day not so much for the new believer in Christ, and not so much for seasoned believers, either, though certainly biblical truth needs to be reinforced in all of our lives on a consistent basis. So, I agree with you on that.

    I believe the reason the Lord has me sharing the gospel message in nearly every post is because too many lies are being spread about the truth of the gospel, and too many people are buying into a false hope of salvation from sin thinking they are saved and are going to heaven but in reality what they are believing and what they are holding on to is a lie. And, if they believe and if they live the lie, then one day they are going to hear, “Depart from me! I never knew you!”

    So, yes! These blog posts are good for the young believer and the old believer, as well, for the Christian walk is day by day. But, mainly I believe they are for those who have bought into the lie, to help them to see the truth, so that one day they will hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” and not “I never knew you.” And, that is why I do what I do out of obedience to my Lord. For, the truth is what sets people free.

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