Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

I just published the Community Blogger Buttons. Currently, I only have a couple of bloggers advertised. If you are a Christian blogger (meaning most of your blog is focused on Christ) and you have a blogger button OR logo please feel free to share on the button page.

I do not have a lot of people left in my Blogger Spotlight or Christian Teen Blogger Spotlight series. I have had some people suggest other bloggers, and I think it would be good to have a separate post for suggestions.

What you need to do: 

  • Give me the URL of the Christian blogger and a description of their blog. Life style. Devotional. What kind of topics are covered. That kind of thing.
  • Remember, they need to be actively posting topics related to Christ, Christians, scripture, etc. 90 percent of their blog should be devoted to Christ.
  • Normally I prefer to have bloggers have a few posts written (like 10 or more) but since you are suggesting bloggers, you can promote new bloggers. 


TO BE FEATURED–If you want to be selected you must meet the criteria of one of the posts below and follow the instructions on THOSE posts.

Teen Christian Bloggers – Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!  please read the whole post so you do not miss out on details. Some blogs meet all criteria, aside from one or two things I really need. (19 and under, anyone 18 and + can choose to apply on the Christian Blogger post if you want. CHOOSE ONE you will not be promoted twice for this series.)

If you are a Christian blogger but not a teen check out this post and follow instructions to see if you meet criteria. Christian Bloggers Wanted!

Comment Below:
Know any Christian Bloggers who you think deserve a shout out?

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