Resisting The Devil (Not For The Weak)

Halloween of all days this post goes up.  THIS IS NOT A FLUFFY CLOUD POST! If you honestly want to resist the devil, please take these things to the Lord. Truthfully, after writing it, I'm a bit rattled, too.  Last week, I talked about how we need to know if we have truly repented from … Continue reading Resisting The Devil (Not For The Weak)

When You Feel Invisible

When you feel invisible and it feels like no one is there. When you feel invisible like no one even cares.   Do you exhale a breath, as you see the sun outside? Do you see the trees dancing, not afraid to hide?   They move with a free spirit whether spring or winter. Your … Continue reading When You Feel Invisible

Wherever I Go, He’s There

There are moments in our life that make us stand still and ponder. Moments that after they happen, we know we will always remember. Today, was one of those days.  Writing out the check for rent always makes me nervous, every single time. Actually, it is the dread that usually builds up before writing the … Continue reading Wherever I Go, He’s There

Community Spotlight | September ’19

Vulnerability, trials, and gratitude. That is one of the best ways to describe this monthly selection of posts from Christian bloggers. Always love it when people take things deeper and many of these posts do, as well, as lighten up the seriousness with a positive focus on Jesus. All of these posts have been written … Continue reading Community Spotlight | September ’19

The Wicked Do Not Sleep Unless They Do Evil

Keep your eyes straight. Speak well. Seek truth. These are lessons we see multiple times in Proverbs, as well as holding close to our Father's words. I know not all scripture is talking about God directly, but it is clear, these same truths apply to being a Christian and having a walk with Jesus. Today's … Continue reading The Wicked Do Not Sleep Unless They Do Evil

Taking Territory Back From Satan | Denying Flesh & True Repentance

We have given the sin to God and repented. Yet, we still feel helpless. We wonder if God is truly moving on our behalf. Why do we feel so hopeless? Does the devil still claim territory that should be ours? A lot of people quote, "Resist the devil and he will flee." Go into the … Continue reading Taking Territory Back From Satan | Denying Flesh & True Repentance

Quotes From You | September ’19

We all need encouragement from the community and these posts are some of my favorites. Every single time I think, "Do I want to stop this series?" I read what everyone is saying and it just moves me to keep on sharing. All of these posts were written in September 2019 or before. The link … Continue reading Quotes From You | September ’19

God Answered A Prayer (I Didn’t Ask Him About)

There have been moments in my life where I'll desire something, and I do not necessarily give it directly to God. It's a lingering desire in my thoughts and my heart. Recently, I've been thinking about something deeply. Ever since I read Rachel's Journals (see Book Review: here) I've been greatly encouraged to really work on … Continue reading God Answered A Prayer (I Didn’t Ask Him About)

Will Of God & Faith

We are familiar that Jesus used food to illustrate His body in the Passover, but did you know He also referenced and used food as illustrations for other things? Today's Readings: Matthew 4:12-17 | Luke 4:14-15  | Mark 1:14-15 | John 4:27-42 & 43-45, 2:01-12 Food To Do The Will Of God & Harvest John … Continue reading Will Of God & Faith

Seeing Things At Night Update – I’m Doing Better

At the beginning of summer, I shared a post in which I talked about how at night I will sometimes "see" shadows, objects, etc. It often would keep me up at night because I struggled to go to sleep. Post | My Fear In The Night (The Wolf In My Mind) In writing the post, I … Continue reading Seeing Things At Night Update – I’m Doing Better