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Adonijah Tries To Become King Behind David’s Back

Well, we’ve done it. Reached a new book in the Bible to go over!

Introduction To 1 Kings

Chosen to build God’s temple yet so easily torn between paganism.

This story of Solomon in 1 Kings illustrates themes of the book of Hosea (Israel commits adultery with false gods). Solomon is known for his wisdom and for building the temple. But his story of falling away is not as well known. The more he rises in wealth and power, as well as accumulating many wives, we see him torn between two masters. With his loyalty torn between the two, his kingdom also becomes divided. (Thomas Nelson Publishers. (1997). Holy Bible, Vine’s Expository Reference Edition, New King James Version. Nashville, TN.)

After Solomon, we see a list of kings and problems that occur. It is here we are introduced to the prophet Elijah and meet the terrible king Ahab and his wife, Jezebel.

Today’s Reading | Ch. 1

A Virgin Is Sent For & Her Brother Rules As King

David is very old and not even blankets are keeping him warm. His servants decide that a young, beautiful, virgin should be fetched for and serve the king. She can lie next to him and keep him warm. (This is not sexual by any means, as we are told, David never knew her intimately.)

A Shunammite young woman was found, Abishag, and she cared for the king.

It seems that her brother, Adonijah, felt he deserved to become king. Scripture says he was a very handsome man, and that his mother was also the mother of Absalom. *Yeah, THAT Absalom. So, this is blood family. 

The close mighty men that belonged to David, like the priest, prophet, and some leaders, however, did not side with this man.

But that didn’t stop Adonjiah to sacrifice many animals, invite many people, the king’s sons, and all the men of Judah, as well as the king’s servants. Adonijah decided though that he would not invite the men against him, nor Solomon, his brother.

Solomon’s Life At Risk

Nathan, the prophet, spoke to Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba. He instructs her to talk to David so that her life and Solomon’s would be saved. Nathan, also, tells her exactly what to say to David.

Bathsheba immediately follows through with Nathan’s words. She approaches David, who is being served by Abishag, and reminds him that he said Solomon would rule after him. She explains everything that is taking place against his knowledge. While she is explaining, Nathan soon joins her to confirm her words. Nathan further asks David, “Did you actually say this man could be king and we don’t know about it?”

David draws Bathsheba near and makes an oath that Solomon, indeed, will be king. He then draws the mighty men, priest, and prophet to him, telling them to take his servants, and have Solomon ride on David’s own mule, to Gihon. There, have Solomon be anointed king over Israel, blowing the horn saying, “Long live King Solomon!”Then Solomon will sit on David’s throne and he shall be king.

One of the men, Benaiah, agrees, and adds, “As the Lord has been with my lord, the king, even so may He be with Solomon, and make his throne greater than the throne of my lord King David.” (NKJV) 1 Kings 1:37

The men then do exactly as they are told. Solomon is announced king. People rejoiced and played flutes.

Fear Of King Solomon Sets In

With the uproar of noise, while the men and Adonijah dined, they wondered what was going on. News is quickly given to them and immediately the guests became afraid and left.

Adonijah goes to the altar and places his hands on the horns. He pleads for Solomon to make an oath that he will not be killed.

Solomon responds that if he is a worthy man, then he will be spared. However, should wickedness be found in him, then he will be killed.

Adonijah falls before Solomon and is told by the king to go home.

What To Take Away: It may have seemed hopeless, at first, when it looked liked Solomon wouldn’t become king. What would become of him and his mother, as they both were threats? However, this story illustrates the power of community. Nathan looked out for king David and his family. Bathsheba, a frantic wife and mother, was assured and instructed on what to do.

Sometimes we feel alone in situations, but a lot of times, if we just opened our eyes, God has provided people in our life to help us. Like David, we have people that will alert us to things we aren’t aware of. We might have times when fellow brothers or sisters in Christ challenge us. But, as Solomon later writes in Proverbs, “iron sharpens iron.” (Proverbs 27:17) As long as our eyes are focused on Christ, we can only grow together.

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