Cleaning My Heart Like Cleaning My Vents

What do dirty vents and a wedding dress have in common, more than I thought! 

Last week I got my home into order, and let me just say it was a nice feeling! All of the chores I wanted to get done got done. Of course, that means many of the things I did last week still need to be done this week, such is the way of life. But nonetheless what a great feeling!

In fact, I had been noticing the vents for a while. They needed to be cleaned, badly.  If you judge, I don’t blame you.

I have a hand vacuum, which is one of my favorite appliances to use for cleaning. You just charge it and then use it. Piece of cake! So with my handy step stool and my hand vacuum, I got to work.

…There was so much dust that the brush attachment I had on looked like it sucked up a mouse. YUCK! Dust bunnies, no. More like dust mice! So many times I had to step down, go over to the trash can, and dispose of the dust body. Some of the vents in this place are completely fine. But there are two vents, in particular, that REALLY collected dust.

Let me just tell you the satisfaction of seeing all the dust get sucked away from the vents. The vents have never looked that good! Of course, I had to take a picture and that’s what inspired this post. The Lord is good at never leaving me without a lesson. Thank you, Jesus!


Do We Let God Clean Our Vents? 

I think cleaning tends to be a great illustration of sin because the Holy Spirit really is cleaning us from the inside out. We can physically see the difference, the before and after. 

Our heart truly reflects the state of our spiritual health with God. Our walk with Christ. The state of our shoes…(soles, souls…get it?!) 

God notices all of the dust, grime, and dirt that sticks to us. He isn’t lazy when it comes to taking care of His “vents” (us) like I am. Jesus is completely willing. The problem is, we often don’t let Him into our home (heart). So, even though Jesus greatly desires to help us, clean us, and is waiting at the door…we have to be the ones to open it for Him. (Revelation 3:20)

Then…something I noticed a lot of women tend to struggle with…we have to LET HIM DO HIS THANG!

I can’t tell you the struggles I’ve had in the past desiring to correct my husband on the “proper” way he should do something. You know, proper just meaning… “my way.”

Sidenote: The more you praise God that you have a husband who is willing to do something you want him to do, it helps keep our mouth shut because our spirit is praising God and being thankful instead. 

Well, Christ is our Bridegroom, and in the same way we tell our earthly husbands how we want things done, yeah, we, uh, tend to tell our Beloved who is desiring us to eternally be with Him the same thing when it comes to the state of our heart. 

“You hold the brush, Jesus, and ONLY clean that spot EXACTLY as I tell You.”



What Is The State Of Our Wedding Dress?

Let me tell you, I was THRILLED at getting those vents cleaned, and there was NO WAY I was going to leave one spot or a portion uncleaned. 

Jesus is the same. He wants everything. He flipped tables in the temple because they made it a den of thieves. Let me tell you, right now, our Savior will flip tables in the temple of our heart to get our attention. He won’t put up with crap, the junk we are storing if it does not bring God glory. (2 Corinthians 6:16)

The Lord is our Groom and that means we are His Bride. Do you really want to walk down the aisle to Christ in a dingy, dirty, ragged dress? Do you really want to go to a wedding that you have NO IDEA of what is going on? Don’t worry, at that point, they won’t even let you in.

See, the wedding dress we wear to the wedding of the Groom is really special. This is a dress HE picked out for us. Guess what, ladies? It fulfills more than our wildest dreams of a dress. It is completely our style. It has everything we would want it to.

That’s because our Groom knows us that well. He invests His time in knowing us. We are that special and beautiful to Him, and He truly wants us to have the best. And to be frank, He has much better taste than us anyways.

Don’t we want that kind of dress?

Well, we can’t have it if we aren’t even letting Jesus clean our vents, I mean, heart. 

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Are you picking out a wedding dress with Jesus?

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