God Answered A Prayer (I Didn’t Ask Him About)

There have been moments in my life where I’ll desire something, and I do not necessarily give it directly to God. It’s a lingering desire in my thoughts and my heart. Recently, I’ve been thinking about something deeply.

Ever since I read Rachel’s Journals (see Book Review: here) I’ve been greatly encouraged to really work on reaching out to people. Trying to be positive, be encouraging, and let people know they are thought of.

I’ve been working on letting people know I think of them. Even if it is something small, if I appreciate what they are doing, then it helps for that person to know. It’s an adjustment, for sure, but I know when people reach out to me it is very helpful. All the more reason I want to reach out to others.

Something that caught my eye about Rachel’s story is how often people reached out to her, that they knew they could reach out to her. I’ve been a person, especially when I was younger, who people could reach out to. I still am, but I have taken a few steps back.

Jesus calls us to step out. He encourages us to make our focus on others a priority. It’s easy to look at the world and see physical needs. But I think it is just as important that as much as we work on helping others with physical needs that we work on helping others with emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

This past week, God has given me the opportunity to see how people started reaching out to me, more than usual. He has been reminding me how He will use me, I just need to be willing.

I know this is a shorter post, but I just thought it was a blessing to see the Lord take something I’ve been thinking about, and illustrate to me how He is using me in my life, and in the lives of others.

Jesus absolutely listens to us all the time. He sees what we are going through. He sees the glory we give Him, and the sins we struggle with. Our Savior can do the impossible, the unthinkable, nothing gets by Him.

Never forget that!

Comment Below:

Has there ever been a prayer God answered for you that you didn’t verbalize to Him?

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20 thoughts on “God Answered A Prayer (I Didn’t Ask Him About)

  1. T.R., It has been obvious that you are intentionally reaching out to people, and that is a wonderful thing to do. And, it is much appreciated, as well! So, thank you!

    And, to answer your question, yes! The Lord regularly answers me before I even put my request into words. He often speaks to me through bible verses put to music. Just as I am thinking about something, he is already counseling me and he is answering my concern with scriptural songs.

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤

      That's so true! He has spoken to me through scripture or music, especially, about things I didn't know that I either 1) Needed encouragement for, or 2) didn't realize I was pondering in my heart.

      Praise the Lord! So glad you hear Him and see Him in your life!!

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  2. Yes; a year ago; back in the University I seriously needed a phone, my phone was really in a bad state and I never ever mentioned it to Him. But God answered that in some few days when my cousin sent me an IPhone something I never expected. That same week my old phone got damaged badly. When I asked her why she sent me that phone she told me she had a strong conviction that the phone belonged to me and I needed a phone.

    God didn’t only answer a prayer I didn’t ask Him of, but He did exceedingly beyond my imagination and it was through this same phone that I started my blog.

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