Quotes From You | September ’19

We all need encouragement from the community and these posts are some of my favorites. Every single time I think, “Do I want to stop this series?” I read what everyone is saying and it just moves me to keep on sharing.

All of these posts were written in September 2019 or before. The link to the post is shared in the blog title of the blogger.

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“Incense was a good smell in the temple of God. Therefore, my prayers should be pleasing to God. That means that in prayer, though this is tempting to slide into, I shouldn’t only ask for things.” Shae (Biblebloggergirl)

“We may not want to admit it, but truth be told, sometimes we have grumpy attitudes that we dump on others through our words and actions.” Ruth (Loved By King of Kings)

“Don’t feel bad or feel like you’re doing something wrong if God doesn’t work in you the same way He works in me!” Olivia (Olivia in Bolivia)

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“God is sovereign. If we belong to Him, that truth should quiet our hearts. There’s no need to run round like headless chickens!” Robert (Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates)

“The enemy knows that what God has chosen you to give birth to will one day help to deliver others. He wants to destroy that thing before it has a chance to come forth, just like Moses.” (Virtuous Women)

“I’ve been working on the ministry that God is currently setting up for me to be a part of and I couldn’t be happier for I love serving Him any which way He calls me to.” Diana (La Petite Muse)

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“I thought I still had to be very good in order to make Him continue to love me. I failed woefully at this task. Each failure lead to further frustration. This Christianity thing was hard I won’t lie. It sounded like a very beautiful idea that was unachievable.” Efua (Grace Over Pain) 

“It’s so simple to question God and doubt His love when we focus on our circumstances. But when we refocus on Jesus, and remember that God demonstrated His love for us through Him, it awakens our hope and strengthens our faith.” Dawn (Drawing Closer To Christ) 

His guidance and knowledge is the light that lights my path ahead. I can rest fully in His sovereign care while I have no answers.” Vivian (God’s Whispers Of Truth)

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“Forgetting God’s name isn’t like forgetting the name of a friend when making introductions.  We forget God’s name when we go our own way.” Deborah (Great Is God’s Faithfulness)

“Just as there’s a purpose to our physical heartbeat, there’s a Divine purpose for this rhythmic flux of gathering in and sending out.” Heather (Running The Race)

“It’s not the physical pain that is soul crushing, but rather the spiritual and emotional suffering. Sarcasm and cynicism are great defenses against pain, and we aren’t talking about the pain of creaky joints.” Insanitybytes (See There’s This Thing Called Biology)

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“Those who say walking with Jesus is easy peasy all the time–well… they haven’t been walking with the real Jesus.” Pastor Randy (Kingdom Pastor)

“Because we’ve become reliant on outside influences, such as friends, family, teachers, bosses, and media to color our perspective. We wrongly believe attitude is something we’re given or born with, rather than a choice we make.” (Kotolaamor)

“I count the world loss as I pick up my cross.” Grace(Following Him Beside Still Waters)

“It is not a punishment, it is not His anger that is causing this season. In fact it is His overwhelming love for us, to see us become the best version of ourselves.” Sarah (My Witness) 

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What quote(s) spoke to you? 

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) 1 Peter 4:18, “And, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?”

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19 thoughts on “Quotes From You | September ’19

    1. Hey TR! These are great quotes! I like the quote from Pastor Randy. Walking with Christ is definitely not easy. But it is well worth the trials and tribulations that we must face.
      P.s.Check the link kotolaamor😉

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  1. T.R. I love love this! I don’t always have time to read all of the blog posts, but I do find a lot here that I missed, or else I discover bloggers I didn’t know existed before, so keep up the good work. It is a wonderful ministry you have here. God bless!

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