Wherever I Go, He’s There

There are moments in our life that make us stand still and ponder. Moments that after they happen, we know we will always remember.

Today, was one of those days. 

Writing out the check for rent always makes me nervous, every single time. Actually, it is the dread that usually builds up before writing the check. But as soon as the task is done I feel better. This is getting easier and I really think it is the Holy Spirit. He is our Comforter for a reason, and He is always with us.

Through the anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and everything else, He’s there. He’s got this. 

It just so happened today my husband kindly pulled out some dollar bills for me so I could put that on our laundry card. I’d have to go to the laundry facility to put the money on and we’d be set.

Mail check. Put money on card. Got it! 

I knew mailing out the check sooner than later is best. It’s one of the best ways to combat my anxiety. DO IT rather than push it aside. Pushing things aside like that always make the dread worse, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

He’s got this. 


Out the door, I went on a beautiful autumn day.

It didn’t feel like autumn more like a really warm spring day, which is probably why spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. Sunshine galore!

I dropped off the mail, and then took care of my card. Done! But…not quite. I lingered around wondering if there was a way I could enjoy the sunshine more. There has been a pond near this area that since we have moved here I’ve wanted to go to, but I just never had. I thought, why not? 

Turns out I made the right choice! It was SOOOO much nicer than I realized and really quiet, no one else was there. Blue skies, ducks in the water, and ripples from the blowing wind. Sun beating down on me.

I was content. 

Rarely do I get moments like this and I know I need to take more of them. It also is the perfect way to spend time with God, too.


Taking out my phone, I began to listen to a sermon in preparation for my Bible Study this week. Sermon: A Friday Night in the Promise Land by Eric Ludy

This sermon is so powerful! He speaks about how we get caught up, as Americans, in our indulgences in pleasing our flesh. He talked about stories of people who were locked up for Jesus, and yet, during this time of being locked up, they grew stronger than ever in Christ! Then he tells his story of being asked to evangelize during Mardi Gras. He didn’t want to, and yet, gets pulled into being around the group of people as they build a wooden cross that would stand in the middle of this street. The idea was for one person to stand beside the cross on the street during a Friday night. Wickedness is all around.

To many Christians, this would be uncomfortable. *Raises hand

He didn’t want to but eventually finds himself in the position of standing by the cross, and when he does, he feels deeply intimate with the Lord. He was ridiculed and mocked but he says he felt the truth of the Bible being unlocked. The desire to live for Jesus stronger than anything. Everything else didn’t matter, except living for Jesus!

Right when he spoke of the cross being built, this is when I noticed my shadow, the feature image for today.

Quite frankly, my breath was taken away. 

with me where I go

I’m listening to this sermon about a man wrapping his arm around the cross, and my shadow looks like a cross is standing right beside me.

LITTLE DISCLAIMER: I know some people are very much against ANY image of Jesus or a cross because the real Christ isn’t in an image and Jesus isn’t on a cross anymore. Totally agree! But I think the cross, at least, is a reminder of what He bore, and that reminder is very powerful. In a world, in which, I take so much for granted, I need that reminder. 

Oh, and I didn’t say this, but this shadow was an answered prayer. I didn’t realize that until I started writing this post.

“Lord, will You make Yourself known to me?” This was yesterday’s prayer. I mean, how much more evidence does my weak and fragile heart need to see HE IS LISTENING!

He literally “painted” me a picture.


I desire to see more of Him, and less than 24 hrs, He’s like, “Here, I AM, but kid, I’ve ALWAYS been here. I AM here.” 

There was a part of the sermon where Pastor Ludy speaks of a woman who lived 45 years in China. She makes the comment to Americans that while we may have a bed and a room to ourselves, she knows the grace of God. (Not saying Americans can’t know the grace of God, but we tend to not know enough of it, nor live it daily!)

In my own life, I’m often afraid of trouble and uncertainty. I value control and stability, which, yes, these things appease my flesh. Truthfully, when I feel at ease, these things have no real motivation or encouragement to my spirit or walk with Jesus. So many of us are looking for an easy way out. If you read Pilgrim’s Progress, you’ll find the easy way, what makes us comfortable, will always lead to destruction.


Seeing the shadow today makes me want others to see Him in me. To show Jesus and talk about Jesus to others. To keep growing in Him through the uncomfortable. My flesh seeks comfort, but my spirit seeks Him. He deserves more of my time, that definitely has been on my heart these last couple of weeks.

The cross shows how much we mean to Him, and how close He is to us, how WILLING He is to be there for us, even in the uncertain. I know many of us pray for answers of ease in America, and there is nothing wrong with that. I do, too. But it’s important we really focus on feeling/hearing/seeing the Lord, being with Him, and desiring Him more than anything. Growth is made in trials. 

In the quiet, in the stillness. He is. 

In the quiet, in the stillness, He’s got this.

In the quiet, in the stillness, He’s got me. 

Thank You, Lord, Jesus, for always being there!

(All photos are mine) 

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How does the Lord make Himself known?

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22 thoughts on “Wherever I Go, He’s There

  1. Praise the Lord for those God-inspired moments! 🙌
    I can relate with what the woman from China was talking about. As I’ve been writing my new series, 365 Days of Thanks, I’m seeing over and over that we experience the grace of God over and over then promptly forget. We know but we don’t REALLY know His Grace because we don’t dwell in Him nor in thankfulness for the grace He has shown us. Perhaps this is because we look to the gift for the temporary thrill that it gives instead of looking to the Giver and humbly rejoicing in Him.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. TR, this was so beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing this. I got goosebumps when I was reading about that perfectly-timed shadow. Jesus is so good! This was such an encouraging read and a delightful reminder of the sweetness of the presence of Jesus. May you know His presence more and more! ♥️ Love you!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. anything that makes me anxious, I usually stay away from, if I have a choice. Whenever I choose to do that though, then I get overwhelmed and even more anxious. I don’t like to be uncomfortable, but I think the Lord knows that and I realize that’s usually what I do need, because then I depend on the Lord more

    Liked by 1 person

  4. T.R. First, your picture of the pond with the park bench in front of it along with your comment about needing moments like this, for it is the perfect way to spend time with God, reminded me of something. When I was young, as a child and as a youth and young adult, I spent one week nearly every summer at my church camp which was on Lake Erie. It is called “Beulah Beach Camp.”

    I have very fond memories of alone time with God sitting on such a bench as that looking over Lake Erie, and you are so right. That is such a wonderful atmosphere for getting close to God and spending time with him in his word, listening to him speak to our hearts. I still think of those times and how precious they were to me. But, now I have a different alone place with God, and it works, too. 🙂

    Secondly, I love how God answered your prayer with that shadow. That is way cool! I have had moments like that, too, and they are awesome! They make me so aware not only of how great God is but of how intimately he is involved in every aspect of my life. He paints pictures for me frequently, too.

    Oh, and that woman who lived 45 years in China sounds like a very wise woman who knew what she was talking about. Yes, in America, because we don’t really know hardship and persecution like people do in other countries, we may often take God and his grace to us for granted. I think the description of the church in Laodicea sounds a lot like the American church, overall, but not pertaining to everyone.

    I like, too, how you shared about people looking for an easy way out, which is why they love feel good messages which tickle itching ears because it is comfortable for them, but the broad (easy) road does lead to destruction. And, sadly too many people don’t really believe that.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us today. I was encouraged by what you shared. Love you! Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like some special places you’ve spent with the Lord!!! It’s awesome how any quiet place or sometimes our mind can be used to speak to the Lord, talk to Him, admire Him, worship, etc.

      Yes! That woman definitely knew what she was talking about! We live in comfort and we take our problems for granted, living in our realm of control. We freak out when we lose our control, but people in other countries, they trust God more because they know their control means nothing. He means everything!

      Liked by 1 person

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