Resisting The Devil (Not For The Weak)

Halloween of all days this post goes up. 

THIS IS NOT A FLUFFY CLOUD POST! If you honestly want to resist the devil, please take these things to the Lord. Truthfully, after writing it, I’m a bit rattled, too. 

Last week, I talked about how we need to know if we have truly repented from sins and if we have truly accepted Christ as our Savior. All of these things need to be understood BEFORE you can stand against the devil’s schemes.

Post | Taking Territory Back From Satan | Denying Flesh & True Repentance

Taking Back Our Territory From Satan

What happens when we have repented, yet, still feel like we don’t have our territory back? How do we claim what is ours? How do we actually resist the devil?

Um, most people are not going to like the response, especially those of us who have #firstworldproblems.

Finding our strength in Jesus Christ is crucial. This means we must devote our time to God. We must serve our King MORE than we serve ourselves. We have to turn over our time to Him. Yes, that means for us to be willing to lose our entertainment or to cut our curiosities if they do not lead us to Jesus.

The truth is we can’t grow in Jesus sitting in front of a screen. We aren’t going to feel inclined to praise Him more if we are saturated in negative talk and blasphemy.

We aren’t going to grow, even if we are around wholesome content if it DOESN’T push us to draw closer to His word and edifies us.


I’m not saying wholesome content is wrong, but I am saying is we have to actively choose to devote our day to the Lord. Me watching a family video on how to declutter a house, while containing no cursing and can benefit my household, isn’t going to push me closer to Jesus.

Don’t give me all the, “Oh, but this is SYMBOLIC.” Or, “Jesus wants us to take care of our houses.” Absolutely! But what I am saying is we have to be willing to admit, we click on these videos, shows, movies, books, blog posts, podcasts, whatever, because (most of the time) we are seeking entertainment or possible knowledge that benefits US more than it benefits OUR WALK WITH JESUS! 

Again, it’s not bad, but it isn’t helpful. We need to STOP MAKING EXCUSES for our behavior that doesn’t draw us closer to Jesus! The fact we even feel the need to defend why we aren’t getting closer to Christ…REALLY! 

Podcast | Set Apart Girl How To Rest The Right Way

No matter the distractions. No matter our other priorities. We must seek Him in ALL WAYS!


God tells us if we are willing, if we are truly seeking, He will provide and show us how to draw closer to Him. But there is a lot of self-discipline involved. Thank the Lord, self-control is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We need these things from Him ALONE! Ask Him! Seek Him! Deny the self! 


Resist The Devil:
  • Do not give (yield under pressure) the devil a foothold (a secure position in which one can make progress) – Ephesians 4:27, this scripture specifically discusses anger

 (ESV) Romans 13:14, “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.” this is how we do not give the devil a foothold

  • Put (to place or establish) on the full armor of God to make your stand against the devil’s schemes – Ephesians 6:11
  • Take (TO CHOOSE) on the full armor of God so when evil comes you can stand your ground – Ephesians 6:13

Notice this indicates wearing the armor of God ALWAYS so WHEN evil comes we are ALREADY prepared!

  • Be alert (watchful, observant) and sober-minded (not distracted). Do NOT be prey for the devil! – 1 Peter 5:08
  • Resist him by standing firm in faith. Understand your battle is NOT alone, the Bride of Christ also suffers these same things. – 1 Peter 5:09 

The sword of the Spirit is part of the armor of God. Many of these scriptures claim that we can ONLY resist and stand firm against the devil when we are wearing the FULL armor of God.



You want Satan to laugh at you and see you as no threat? Never pick up a Bible. You want him to manipulate you and take advantage of you. Never pick up a Bible. Your defense will NEVER be anything without an offense. 

God’s word encourages us to draw close to Jesus. It glorifies our King and shows us how to worship Him. It edifies us and shows us what we must constantly work on giving up. It also helps us discern the lies of our enemy. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT!?!

Stop being prideful, arrogant, ignorant, and stop complaining about how bad your life is, how separated from the Lord you feel when you aren’t giving your all to get to know God! This is for me, too! I’m sick of people, myself included, living in comfort (food, bed, roof, warmth, electricity) having to be gently led by a stream and coddled to make effort for Jesus because our “feelings” might get hurt! 


When we are separated like this, choosing ourselves over time with Jesus, there’s no easy way to say this, THE DEVIL DELIGHTS IN OUR PAIN AND ISOLATION FROM GOD! HE WILL USE IT FOR HIS ADVANCEMENT IN OUR LIVES! 

We feel like God isn’t listening, like God isn’t moving in our lives, well, maybe there is a reason. GOD COULD BE BUT WE ARE TOO BLIND TO SEE! Maybe we aren’t making as much effort as we want to believe. We cling so much to “how we feel” we aren’t trusting God’s word that HE IS, in fact, THERE! Do we make God out to be a liar? We trust the deception and lies from our enemy who is GRINNING at this point! 

Get it in gear, and pick up your armor!


Notice that Ephesians chapter 6 first talks about the armor of God in the sense we have not received it, yet. Without Jesus, we have no armor, period. But then, once we have received the armor, it is our choice to use it or not. 

Armor Of God (Ephesians 6:10-20):

  • Helmet of Salvation
  • Breastplate of Righteousness
  • Belt of Truth
  • Shoes of the Preparation Of The Gospel
  • Sword of the Spirit (word of God, sharper than any two-edged sword Hebrews 4:12)
  • Shield of Faith – extinguishes arrows of the evil one

DID YOU KNOW: Jesus wore a similar armor of God, only His was mightier (Isaiah 59:17, Isaiah 11:05)

Understand that we endure suffering as a discipline. God treats us as His kids. If we are not disciplined, we are not a child of God! (Hebrews 12:07-08)

What we desire in life will NOT always align with the Lord’s plan, and that is difficult to accept sometimes, especially when it deals with things and people we value deeply. We are not put on this earth for God to bend to our will, that’s the cold hard truth. Anger, bitterness, desperation, depression, anxiety, fear, etc our enemy is absolutely using against us. Our weakness is his delight.

But God tells us that our weakness IS HIS STRENGTH!

Remember the title of this post? WE MUST BE STRONG IN CHRIST!


We have to choose who we turn to. Jesus or self. If we try to control things, find strength in ourselves, stay away from the Lord in anger or because “we don’t have time” then I promise you, we are weaklings who are too stubborn to accept strength from an ultimate source. 

We have a massive airplane ready to use for protection, and instead, we choose a paper airplane.

We have a lion ready to attack and tear apart the wolves coming our way, and instead, we hold up a drawing of a lion.

The truth of this post is…

Do you really want to resist the devil or do you want to resist God?

The choice is yours. 

Consequences WILL vary. 


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