David Seeks Vengence Through Solomon

Solomon has been declared king and David has some parting words for his son. It’s interesting to see how David kept his word that he would not kill certain people, but that didn’t mean his son wouldn’t go after them.

Today’s Reading: 1 Kings Ch. 2 

David knows he is drawing close to death. He speaks to Solomon and strongly tells him to “man up” basically. Solomon is told to keep all the ways of the Lord. That if David’s descendants stay faithful and keep the ways of the Lord, God will continue to keep His word that there will always be a man on the throne of Israel. (Well, spoiler, that doesn’t last long)

David then reminds Solomon about what the man Joab did to David, killing Abner and killing Amassa. David says for Solomon to use his wisdom and not let Joab go down to Sheol without blood. He also says for Solomon to be aware of Shimei. As Shimei cursed David, but David had sworn he would not kill Shimei with the sword. However, the sons of Barzillai the Gileadite were to be treated well and eat at the king’s table as they were with David when he fled from Absalom.

David reigned for forty years and he died in the city of David. Solomon sat on the throne and his kingdom was established (v.12).

Now, Adonijah, remember from last time, he had wanted to become king. He approaches Solomon’s mother and basically complains, again, about not being chosen as king. He requests that Bathsheba ask Solomon to give Abishag to be Adonjiah’s wife.

If you are not familiar, Abishag was the one who was selected to be an aid for king David and to lie beside David to keep him warm. (Again, this was not sexual) Abishag was the sister of Adonijah, although I don’t know how closely related they were.

Bathsheba approaches king Solomon and he welcomes her. He bows to his mother and even gets another throne to be placed at his right side for his mother to sit in. The way she words this, “Do not deny me this small request.” Solomon, like a good son, said she could ask for whatever and he would grant it.

She relays the request of Adonijah and Solomon presents her with the question, “Why don’t you just ask for the kingdom in his hand?” Solomon would have none of it.

He immediately sends for Adonijah to be killed, and Adonijah is. Then Solomon bans Abiathar, who was the priest. Solomon states that Abiathar deserves to be killed, but since Abiathar carried the ark before David, Solomon knew that Abiathar also suffered many things as king David did. So Abiathar is banished, and this fulfills the word in which God spoke against the house of Eli.  

When Joab hears what happened to Adonijah, as he did conspire with Adonijah, he flees to the tent of the Lord and takes hold of the horns. I guess this is what people did when they sought forgiveness, as Adonijah did the same previously?

Solomon gets word of this and sends the message that Joab needs to leave. But Joab refuses and says he will die in that spot. When Solomon hears this he tells the messenger, “Let it be so.” Joab is killed.

Heeding the words of his father, Solomon also banishes Shimei and tells him to build a house in Jerusalem, and stay there. If Shimei crosses Kidron Valley, he would be killed. Shimei agrees.

Three years later, however, slaves of Shimei escape. Shimei goes after them, and in doing so, breaks the agreement Solomon had. He is confronted and killed.

What To Take Away: Family conflict can often get passed down to the next generation. These were different times, and Solomon, as a king, was establishing his kingdom. He obeyed his father, and he himself was not the one to kill those who were condemned.

Sometimes parents put pressure on the shoulders of their kids. Expectations or fulfillment they want to live through their child. It’s important to remember that God does not give a bar we can never reach, and as parents, we are required to do the same. 

If you are a child of someone trying to deal with these burdens, in Jesus, understand that we do not have to bear the burdens of our parents or guardians. We do not have to be chained to the same problems they go through. This includes spouses or anyone we are close to. People may want to project their issues onto us, but Jesus takes those burdens from our back.

Worship Song: Word Of Life by Jeremy Camp

Sermon: The Wickedness Of Gospel Distorters by John McArthur

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How has God lifted your burdens?

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    1. Yes, so much has changed! But it amazing that even back then we see paraells on what Jesus was preparing for us through His sacrifice, which is amazing! 🙂

      THANK YOU SO MUCH GAIL! 🙂 God bless you and God loves you, too!!!

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