Feeling Weak & Distant From The Lord

David, like Job, cries out to the Lord often. We think of how strong David was in his faith, and I think, we forget he often felt forsaken by the Lord, too. Look at what God did for David, though! The Lord was present, and the Lord can be just as present in our lives, too!

Today’s Reading | Psalm Ch. 6

Chapter six is titled a prayer of faith in time of distress. How relatable this prayer is! How often have we ourselves groaned out to the Spirit for His help?

David pleas in this time of weakness for the Lord not to rebuke him, but have mercy on him for he is weak. He is so weak and stressed that not only his soul but even his bones are troubled.

He pleas to be delivered soon. His groanings make him weary. At night he says he makes his bed swim, which I don’t know if this is purely related to his tears or a combination of stressful sweating through the night and tears. But he does follow it up with that he soaks his couch with tears. His eyes see much grief and his enemies continue to make him as they increase.

He proclaims to his enemies that God has received his prayer, and has heard his weeping. He requests that his enemies be ashamed and greatly troubled.

What To Take Away: I said last week that often times we act like defeated Christians. (Post: Are You Set Free In Jesus But Still In Bondage?) The difference between being defeated and what we see with David’s prayer here is that he knows even though others rise against him, no one will defeat the Lord. Despite the suffering David experiences, he knows his suffering and grief are not forgotten.

We often want to live in comfort. We demand that God fill our every need and desire, living in the luxury of self-security. But this is not how life is for us. Sin will cause anguish, we can’t escape it. But we can find solace and comfort in the Lord, Jesus. We can rest assured that He uses everything for His glory, and for our purpose!!!

Even if it hurts at the moment, the pain will not last an eternity with Jesus. Joy will!

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How has God answered you in heartfelt prayer?

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