Jesus Burned My House | Flash Fiction

My Lord, one day, walked into my temple. It was more like an old shack. Broken wooden floors and windows. My King, the most mighty of all, knelt down on His knees and began washing my feet.

The howls of wolves echoed outside in the cold night. He got up and walked over to the door and barred it. He walked over to the windows and shut them. They could not get in. Then He drew me to the center of the room and held a match. He threw it onto the curtains and they caught flame. But He held me close.

His face was sturdy and He was strong. I was afraid, but I trusted Him more. The flames continued to get closer and closer to me. Soon all was engulfed, except the center.

“Do you trust Me?” He asked.

Hesitatingly, I nodded.

“Then let it be!” He commanded.

Flames began to draw closer to me until they were on my clothes and skin. But they did not burn me the way I thought. They stung as if I had opened wounds like medicine had been poured on them. Similar to the burn of rubbing alcohol.

The burning of sin being cleansed.

Tears sprang to my eyes and He drew me into His chest. The flame flashed hotter but His embrace was warmer. “I’m doing this for you. It won’t last forever, but I will.”

I wept against His breast, like a child. So very suddenly everything became clear. The shack, the wolves, my life.

“Do not be afraid,” He whispered.

The “home” I had was gone, not that it was much of one. The wolves still drew near, but I was not afraid. The fire once that consumed all around me was internal. As I walked forward, the flames appeared around me.

“I am with you, always.”

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I didn’t know what would come out of this visual. I was praying to the Lord, and then, kinda imagined this. That shack is our soul, which is the temple of the Lord. But until we invite Him, accept Him and what He did (letting Him wash our feet, accepting the cross) we can’t grow close to Him. We have to repent and turn away from sin. Jesus might have to “burn” down everything we once knew. but don’t ever think for one second that He isn’t holding us.

He knows what sorrow is. He understands pain. He knows these things are not easy. But His life and plan for us far outweigh anything we could ever imagine, even if all that means He is holding us while we cry into His chest and feel helpless.

My friend, salvation is renewal. Salvation is about boldness. Standing firm in the faith. We have our moments of weakness, and our flesh mourns the loss of the world. But then WE GROW IN HIM AND IN SPIRIT! We do not remain grievers forever! We are NOT downcasted with rejection, despair or sin forever in Jesus! If we have given it to the Lord, LET IT BE! Let His fire consume the burden and LET IT BE! Obey His command and walk forward in His light. He is with us! 

Trust not only in His words, act upon them and draw close to Him! 

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How has the Lord burned your home? How has He renewed you?

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