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2,000 Followers?! | The Journey So Far

Thanks be to God in all of this.

You know, when I started and had less 12 followers, I didn’t know how God would use my writing. I had always known that He called me to reach believers, and I believed writing was something He wanted me to use. Throughout the years, I started to learn that God had not only equipped me in writing poetry, but that He could guide me and teach me on how to write in other ways.

Inside Cup has been a learning experience.

Since reaching 1,000 followers last year, I’ve realized times I should have stepped back. Sometimes in relating to when I should respond, or taking more time to write a post I’m emotionally attached to. In these cases, I will either write the piece and not post it until I am not emotionally involved, or just jot down the idea to write on when I have a clearer mindset.

God let me advance in the blog and He let me decline to teach me the lessons I needed. He has helped me not care as much about what people think when it comes to scripture. That being said He has also helped me listen to what people are saying.

In reaching this milestone, I’ve had some experiences I didn’t at 1,000 followers, and I praise God that He, in His infinite power, delayed those experiences for me until now. Those experiences were more negative and definitely traps used by the enemy. It would be very easy to want to retaliate in my flesh, or even feel like backing down on the difficult topics, however, God is my strength. He helps me walk forward.

He rebukes me when I deserve it.

He is most loving in all ways.

I have been confirmed many times by you, the readers, that He is being heard on this blog. His truth is being shared. He is glorified, and He is speaking to you, meeting you where you are, and giving you what you need to hear. I’m beyond grateful He is using me and I’m thankful He has used you, too, to speak to me, to encourage, to edify, and to grow with.

Thank you all so much for being part of my community, for giving Him the glory.

I hope to continue to grow with you all and to not back down. Christ is my strength, has been my strength, and will continue to be my strength. I pray He’s yours, too!

To Him be the glory!

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32 thoughts on “2,000 Followers?! | The Journey So Far

  1. Congrats! God is doing amazing work through you. It’s so inspiring to see your persevering and consistently writing. I can definitely relate to those times when writer’s block comes on or you’re not seeing the results you want. I’m so excited for your journey to your next milestone!

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    1. I was having issues when I responded to you, and it didn’t go through. Thank you so much! There was a time I struggled with ideas, but then I realized I hadn’t given my blog over to the Lord, when I did, ideas just flowed. He has taught me so much about stepping away from what I would like to see to what I am seeing. How every person matters to Him and stats mean nothing compared to that. I have to surrender the stats daily so that they do not become an idol. It’s something I’m working on 🙂 God be with you!


      1. The truth is, success isn’t what we make it out to be. I told a group of Christians this past week that we wouldn’t rank John the Baptist as one of the world’s greatest influencers. His worldly goods consisted of 1.) a stick 2.) a camel coat 3.) some sandals? 🙂
        His ministry lasted only 6 months. But Jesus said there never was a man born greater than John the Baptist (Not even Moses). Clearly success is simply doing God’s will in God’s time. And in that all true believers find contentment. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Well done! Congratulations! I have only been blogging 6 months and am trying hard to NOT blog out of emotion. The other day I furiously wrote. When I went back to edit I realized I had basically ranted, used verses to support my rant and the worst part I never prayed over it. Scrapped the entire thing.

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    1. I have done that, too! Pure vent. Toss the draft away. Praise Jesus for self control in His spirit!!! Congrats on 6 months! It’s been a little over three years for me 😊 and there is always something new to learn.

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