Everything Was Freezing On Me…Until I Sang

By now my post on Identifying False Teachers will be out. Currently, as I write this, it is Wednesday, the night before. Writing that post was QUITE an experience, let me tell you.

I decided the previous week what the post was going to be about. It seemed as soon as I decided that title, God made sure I knew He also wanted me to write on the post. Within the same day, I was a part of two different conversations about false teachers. Both came out of the blue, I didn’t start them.

Tuesday I knew it was time to sit down and write the post. Over the weekend, I had already gathered a lot of scriptures, and if you have seen the post THERE IS A TON MORE I added. Now, it just so happened ever since I decided to write on the topic of false teachers my computer I’m typing on started getting really slow. It was random.

I wrote What Is The Gift Of Encouragement with some frustration as pages were constantly freezing on me, but they would work and I’d continue. Finished the post, had it ready. Then turned my gaze to the big post… I knew it would take a while because I had so much to cover, and I wanted to make sure I covered all aspects, best as I could.

This required me to have two main tabs up on the computer. My edit post and my site I use to find scripture. Everything kept freezing. The page would say, “NOT RESPONDING” and…havoc. Finally, instead of just praying silently, I started to sing one of my prayer/praise songs.

“For He’s my Rock. My Rock. 

My Rock. My Sword. My Shield. 

He is the wheel. The wheel. In the middle of the wheel.

Oh, He’ll never. Never. Never let you down.

He’s just a Jewel. A Jewel. That I have found…”


And what do you know…things stopped freezing. It was interesting because as soon as I stopped praising God out loud, sites would start to freeze again. I still had to be patient, but it was a comfort to see how worshipping the Lord made a difference. I had even asked God, “Lord, if You don’t want to smite this motherboard to connect that’s okay! But help me have Your patience because my flesh can’t deal with this!”

It was around this time, I had so many temptations to just quit. Just put it aside, wait until the next day to finish up the post. I suddenly felt tired. But I knew the post needed to be written THAT DAY and, therefore, I was going to keep writing until it was done. No matter how long it took me. In addition to these temptations, because I have so many scriptures, I decided to hyperlink the ones I didn’t fully list so that anyone who wanted to read what the full scripture said could.

With everything freezing and going back and forth, it became a real struggle. There was one scripture I wrote down that I knew I had to look up to make sure it said what I thought it did.

Well, the scripture was not at all what I thought it was, however, its message had me in joyful tears because I felt, at that moment, God was showing me this scripture was for me. In fact, I’ve decided for this scripture to be next month’s scripture.

(NIV) 2 Corinthians 2:11, “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”

I had been feeling what I was experiencing could possibly relate to spiritual warfare, and the scripture just made me feel like, “I CAN DO THIS WITH JESUS!”


The timing, too, so many of my close sisters in Christ have been struggling and having darkness just come at them. It was a special moment for some of us to gather together in prayer and encourage each other in Christ.

One sister in Christ prayed that my technology would start to run smoothly. Now, this did not happen until I was almost done writing and editing the post, HOWEVER, my husband did figure out the issue. My computer memory, for some reason, was running at 90%…slowing everything down. He gave me a look that said, “You’ve been at the computer dealing with this for over three hours?”

But God provided and everything was taken care of!

Don’t feel like you are the only one who is having a tough time because more than likely you aren’t. It is so important we check on each other and encourage each other through Jesus! I’ve seen miracles already come out of the prayers within 24 hours. God is with us! HE DOES LISTEN! He may not answer always the way we want, but that doesn’t mean His answer won’t be sufficient for us. The answer is not always “no” either!

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8 thoughts on “Everything Was Freezing On Me…Until I Sang

  1. Praise invites the presence of our God. We had a guest speaker Sunday that likened it to a young child saying thank you to his/her parent. This pleases the parent and likely brings a smile to the parent’s face and a big hug. Then the preacher said something like “and who is going to mess with the child when he is in the Father’s arms?” I thought that was so deep! 😊

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  2. T.R., this was very good. We had talked about this previously, but this is the first I read this. Interesting that it came right after the Lord gave me a poem to write on spiritual warfare, which I shared with you, “Need to Endure.” So, this was just another encouragement. The Lord knew I needed to read this right now. Thanks.

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