Quotes From YOU | October ’19

This week we are preparing for Thanksgiving. I’m always surprised how quickly time goes by. Please join me in taking a look around the community and what others had to say.

All of these quotes were written in October of 2019 or before. 

“I am afraid of being out of control. I am afraid of allowing more into a life that is already overflowing with busyness.” Meredith (My Way Home Life)

“I have come to realise that it is very easy to drift away. People don’t backslide overnight. It is a process…We don’t lack information in our world. We lack the discipline to obey..” Efua (Grace Over Pain)

“At times I’m a bit star-struck; things I’m living through right now only happen in missionary biographies, right?!?” Olivia (Olivia in Bolivia)

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“Nevertheless, I had prayed specifically multiple times that day for a witnessing opportunity. When I got such an obvious one, it caught me off guard!” Shae (Teen Meet God)

“There are a lot of people these days who are “cherry picking” scriptures which support their lifestyle choices, while they often ignore the context, as a whole, from which those scriptures are drawn.” Sue (Run With It)

“In truth, I didn’t really believe in such things, but I had an interest in the possibility of a spiritual realm beyond what I could see. In retrospect, I know now that God has set eternity in our hearts, but since I had convinced myself He wasn’t real, my enemy slipped in and harnessed the reality of my heart-longing for his own nefarious purposes…For me, Halloween is a reminder of the greater spiritual battle that we face each morning both out in the world and within our own hearts.” Heather (Running The Race) 

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Which quote spoke to you?

Monthly Scripture – (NLT) Psalm 90:02, “Before the mountains were born, before You gave birth to the earth and the world, from beginning to end, You are God.”

Community Prayer Requests | November ’19– Join us in requesting prayer, praying for each other and lifting each other up. 

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