My Thoughts On Santa As An Adult Christian

*Edited 1/12/2021 – Revised a few sentences and updated a post link.

Is it okay to talk about Santa? What the problems related to Santa Claus? These questions has been making me think, and I thought I’d share.

The past couple of years I have done a few posts on Christmas:

Ever since 2017, I started to notice the separation between a holiday spent with family and traditions, and then…actual recognition of Jesus, His birth’s importance, everything God was preparing through Christ, the depth of His love, and more. I still am okay celebrating the holiday, however, I really want to take the time to focus on Christ, and not just “say” I am.

It’s really interesting because as Christians we should already be having a daily time with the Lord in His word, prayer, and worship. However, many of us are not. During a time in which people consider it the busiest time of the year…it is really about Christ?

And then…we have Santa.


In one older post, there was a lot of discussions. One point a few people brought up was basically, “How can we tell kids to believe in someone who is NOT real and then teach them about someone else, who they can’t see, BUT IS REAL?”

Jesus is real. Santa is not.

I know a few adults who shared when they grew up and found out about Santa, some of them took it really hard. In my own experience, I was pretty sure he didn’t exist (when I was older) and when I finally found out there was a twinge of disappointment…because I still had that “faint” hope.

Truthfully, and this may not have been the intention of my parents, but as a kid, I was more excited about “Santa” and gifts than baby Jesus. Christmas, as a child, was “about me” celebrating for the wrong reasons. Sure, I went to church and was part of the kids’ programs…but I was caught up in the commercialism and the “give me” stuff. Christmas was fun because of what I got out of it, which, in recent years, I’ve really been convicted of. Growing up hasn’t changed the temptation to be focused on self or self-serving during Christmas time…even if we are doing good…

It’s about what we do or what we give, and that’s not the point, either.

The idea of Santa is force-fed. Commercials, tv specials, movies, pictures, etc. It’s funny because in the adult world… media sells us all these lies, too. Look this way. Guys like this in a girl. Girls like this in a guy. Food. Gym. Health. Treat yo self. ROMANCE…and how it’s “suppose” to look.

This is probably not what everyone thinks, but I feel like it’s kinda twisted we make up something for children to have fun with only to take away because “you’re grown up.” Everyone I know who grew up not believing in Santa didn’t have any problems. It’s the kids who grow up thinking Santa exists that sometimes have issues.


In fact, I think it’s the adults who get the most excitement from watching the kids getting excited. So… isn’t that kind of selfish? We know better and the kids don’t. I think that’s why adults are so strongly upset when people are against Santa. We are attached to Santa. We want to be entertained.

Kids who never knew Santa have no issues, it’s the adults who have the issues. (Kind of a role reversal)

When kids find out Santa is a fake, they can have trust issues, and it’s not funny. Why SHOULD they trust their guardians with something they legit thought existed and then their world is smashed? Like it’s some big joke to the adults. To a kid, that’s cruel. Why should they believe in Jesus when they haven’t seen Him and the same adults who lied about Santa are saying Jesus exists?

Perspective is key.ย 

Why can’t we spend our time beyond the talk of “Santa” and excitement for gifts? Why can’t we just build up a foundation solely in Christ from the beginning?

(NIV) Phillippians 4:08, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

Commerical Santa does not fit this scripture. —-> Whatever is true….NOPE!

But Jesus fits the bill every time. Jesus is better than Santa.

Jesus is even better than St. Nick, but that’s for another time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment Below:ย 
Do you think kids should be told about Santa?

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15 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Santa As An Adult Christian

  1. To be honest I did believe that he existed when I was a child but as I had gotten older I recognized it was a lie and myth. It’s another disguise the enemy has been using for a long to time to blind the eyes of many. Thank God for opening my eyes to the truth behind it all. And to answer the question, I don’t think kids should be told about Santa at all. Tell them about Jesus โค Great post! God bless!

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  2. Well, you know my thoughts, don’t you? I think we’ve talked about this every year we have known each other, however long that is. We never did Santa with our kids. I didn’t grow up doing Santa. But, we did everything else. Over the years, the closer I walked with the Lord, the more I began to question the whole holiday and why we do what we do, and so we began to scale back and cut things out and then finally, in 2012, we gave up on the holiday all together, for we were convinced that the whole holiday was opposed to Jesus Christ and to who he is and to why he came, and it pits him against fierce competition with a false god who has all the attributes of God. And, yes, lying to children is bad, all the way around.

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  3. Good stuff. Over here I havenโ€™t actually heard my kids mention Santa this year. I have 8yrs old, 7yrs old and a 2yrs old. The older ones understand that Christmas is all about giving (even though they are also excited about getting their presents). Their school encourages them to bring items to school this period for less privileged. The church does same and we do same at home.

    When they were younger, they did mention Santa and Brianna (7 years old) talked about it a lot and did believe in it. She no longer does now. Isabella for some reasons never did. Despite both of them were exposed to the same upbringing, they handled it differently.

    I think kids grow up and they tend to go through phases but once a foundation of truth has been laid, that does help.

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  4. We dont teach are kids about Santa. We let them know Santa isn’t real. The problem comes when my bonus daughter is with us. Her mom has her believing in Santa and the whole shelf elf nonsense. But we never know how to address the issues because we don’t want to contradict what her mom is teaching her. Because as you stated some adults feel it’s ok for kids to believe in santa. Our smaller kids have started to believe in Santa because she has been telling them he’s real and we always have to put out the fire after she leaves. We try to stress Christmas is about Christ. Hopefully, she won’t be traumatized when she find out he’s not real.

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  5. I remember when my son was little and we entertained the idea of santa. We honestly did it because everyone was doing it, even within the church. I wasn’t thrilled with santa being glorified on a day we were supposed to be focusing on and glorifying Jesus but I went with the flow. Needless to say, our pastor at the time blurted out to my son that my husband and I were santa and that he wasn’t real. I was very upset because he was just a little boy who did not understand and that was not the way to explain it to him. But I was also relieved in a way because I then could tell him the truth. How crazy right!? We get so caught up in the traditions of this world and shy away from God’s truth….either willing or without even realizing we have! I admit I’m still working on the whole commercial aspect of Christmas but I no longer decorate as much and when I do I put up things that acknowledge Christ. I stay far away from santa figures and such. I’ve even realized that trying to find a Christmas HOPE sign has been hard! I’ve seen one but it was decorated with santa as the reason for hope ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My son knows why we celebrate Christmas now and I want to continually remind him that we have hope because of Jesus! And that we can be grateful and thankful for life in every season because of God’s great love for us!

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    1. Amen!!!! I’m ok with decorating in that there are a lot of reminders and symbols to Christ. But yeah, within the past year especially, I’m not fond of santa stuff.

      It is weird how something happens and we feel relief! But I’m glad God gave you that opportunity. I know in churches there’s a lot of debate among congregations. It can be confusing.

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  6. My siblings and I grew up with as little Santa as possible. Kids are going to be surrounded by Santa. Every commercial. Every adult in your life is going to ask you what you’re asking Santa for. We had school assignments to write a letter to Santa. But my parents always presented Santa as a game or a story character that a lot of people liked. So, I just saw people as being really into the story the same way that some people really like Harry Potter or Star Wars. I personally feel like that was a positive way to deal with Santa

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