Are You Praying… For Your Nation?

I don’t know why it wasn’t until this year I really thought about the importance of praying for my nation daily. In fact, not just for my nation but all countries around the world. The Bride of Christ is scattered everywhere. There are many people who are in danger for their faith in Jesus Christ. Many people who are being hurt, held captive and tempted to renounce the name of our Savior.

In the Old Testament, when Israel did wickedly and sinned, they were punished. The book of Revelation speaks about how people will be punished for turning against the Lord. There is nowhere in the Bible that says people are not still being punished for sins. God uses destruction and devastation to get our attention. Are we listening?

Yet, even in the midst of these things, God is still, and will always be, in control. Many times devastation occurs, yet we hear of miracles. God is in the midst, we need to seek Him.

Something I know I can do more is pray for those being afflicted in my own country. The homeless, the trafficked, abused, addicted, those caught in sin, those who are deceived, and more.

Example Prayer For Nations

Lord, God, I ask that You be in the midst of our nation. I ask that You be in the midst of other nations as You rule over all. Lord, help us in times of trials to be witnesses for Your glory. Lord, be with our brothers and sisters who are hurting. Be with those who are losing their lives, and all who are affected. Strengthen us, Lord, Jesus. 

Help officials make the right choices. Let Your authority be over all. God, be with Your Church. Help us have the right set of mind, body, and spirit. Help us be more aware and more active. Renew the forsaken, the lonely, the forgotten. Help us have eyes that see and ears that hear. 


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How can you pray for the nation?

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