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Lest They Tear Me Like A Lion (Prayer For Deliverance)

Seriously one of the best things we can do during prayer is speak the word of God. I know in times of trials, fear, and worry taking the advice that I should pray a psalm has been beneficial to my spirit. God keeps His word, and no matter what happens, He is always with us. He will ride the waves with us in the storm, and yes, sometimes, He quiets them.

Today’s Reading: Psalm Ch. 7 

Right from the start, David reminds us that his trust is in the Lord. He then requests that God help him from his enemies.

Verses 03-05 are very humbling because David does say if he acted out of sin that the Lord allow the enemy to pursue him. “let him trample my life to the earth and lay my honor in the dust.” v. 5 (NKJ)

David pleas for the Lord to rise up against the enemy and judge the people, him as well. That wickedness would come to an end, but that the just would be established for God tests the hearts and minds of all.

God is our defense and a just judge. In the New Testament, we see how Christ becomes our intercessor for those who have truly accepted Him, and Jesus is our judge. (Hebrews 7:25, Romans 8:34,27, Romans 2:16Acts 17:31)

God will punish the wicked. David adds that the wicked create trouble and lies. Sinners create a pit and fall into it. Their own trouble will be returned to them.

And through this all, God is righteous!

Attributes Of God:

(Ch. 7 of Psalm)

  • He tests the hearts and minds (v.9) (Jeremiah 17:10)
  • He is our defense (v.10)
  • He is righteous (v.9)
  • He saves the upright in heart (v.10) 
  • He is a just judge (v.11)
  • He is angry with the wicked every day (v.11)

What To Take Away: Even when we struggle and have enemies who prevail around us, in the end we will be saved. This doesn’t mean God will answer every prayer or life will go the way we want. Through Jesus, our mindset on this earth is not on things of the world but eternity (Colossians 3:02). Jesus showed us how important it is to pray for our enemies.

The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), and those who choose the flesh as their master will serve it with great consequences.

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Have you considered praying in Psalms? 

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) 2 Corinthians 2:11, “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.”

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10 thoughts on “Lest They Tear Me Like A Lion (Prayer For Deliverance)

  1. My daily readings include a Psalm (or part of the longer Psalms) a day. I really appreciate reading the Psalms every six months: I see them as spiritual medication, and do seek to pray them 🙂

    Thanks for the post 🙂

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  2. I love this, especially as you listed the attributes of God. I was reading my bible today and a recurring point of note is that God’s main focus is on our hearts, he also manipulates it to fulfill purpose and prophecies. Even the hearts of Kings are not exempted from God, he can turn people’s hearts to our favor. Now that I’m aware of this my focus in prayer will change significantly

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